Obama Denial Displayed: Leading with Post-Racial Bi-Partisan Myopia

•September 26, 2009 • 3 Comments

When President Obama was first elected, he had a brief but very real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people in this country and the world.  The collapse of the global economic system uncovered the corporate behemoths that govern every aspect of life and perception on this planet, and the leaders ( in both industry and government ) were exposed as the criminals they are.

Instead of taking these people to task and holding them responsible ( which – have no illusion – would have been an extremely painful and difficult process ), he chose to perpetuate the myth of a functioning economy, and do what this country has always done… Look the other way.

Instead of dismantling these criminal institutions and jailing those responsible for decades of enslavement and abuse of the people of this country and the world, he chose to hire these very same criminals to devise a way to “recover” from this debacle.  In total disregard of the demonstrated will of 80% of the people in this country, this president continued the Bush policy of cover-up, and poured hundreds of billions of imaginary future dollars back into these vacuous institutions.  As astronomical as these amounts of money were, this enormous effort was the equivalent of paving over the Grand Canyon with matzo bread.  Rest assured, it is that matzo that the global economy is currently teetering on, and the canyon beneath is very much still there.

This fraudulent Health Insurance reform debate is a similar example.  In spite of the will of 80% of the people of this country, this President chose to summarily dismiss a single payer system that would alleviate the perpetual burden of exorbitant healthcare premiums from the backs of the poor and working classes ( and lead towards the abolishment of the lecherous and wholly unnecessary insurance industry ), and replace it with the insurance industry giveaway sponsored by Baucus and his industry cronies.  The most anyone has offered as justification for this initial and unwarranted sacrifice was a specious 80 billion dollar “deal” allegedly struck with the pharmaceutical companies.  Even if true, this sum is an obvious pittance in comparison to the profits they reap from being the only “drug dealers” supplying the American Pharma-fix.

This week the needs and desires of the people were all but eliminated as the Senate finance committee voted down the two remaining Public Option amendments ( Schumer’s and Rockefeller’s ) with the help of five Republicans in Democratic clothing ( Baucus, Conrad, Lincon, Carper, & Nelson ).  The Wyden Free Choice Act ( offering people exchanges outside of what their employer offers ) was killed in the middle of the night ( 1:00am and without a vote ) by a giggling Senator Baucus, and I’m anxiously ( and facetiously ) awaiting the “outrage” from the people who were screaming for months about keeping their “free choice.”  We’ll see what “grass roots” outrage they can muster now that FreedomWorks isn’t busing them in, and their right to a choice has actually has been taken away… Again.

The remaining five hundred or so proposed amendments are all designed to further entrap the American populace, and it’s just amazing how it keeps happening.  A few months of corporate sponsored “government takeover” and “death panel” chants for diversion, and reform that was supposed to mean freedom from insurance industry extortion is transformed into a mandate to buy from them.  If nothing else, you can admire these criminals for their efficiency at the shell game, and it’s easy to see how they gained control over the American people’s easily manipulated psyche to begin with.

Honestly, this President makes it’s extraordinarily difficult to defend him…  Even for me.  It isn’t news that he believes the majority of America’s self-perpetuating propaganda, but his performances at the United Nations and the G20 summit last week presented just too many examples in succession of why this president continues to represent no change at all.  While the police and military used sonic weapons and tear gas to keep the protesters out-of-site and out-of-mind, this President’s comments just continued to illustrate how much of a willing participant he is in perpetuating the delusion and denial that this country suffers from and operates on.

To hear a man whom I like to consider intelligent reiterate the fabrication that “Al Qaeda” killed 3,000 people on September 11th, 2001, is hard enough to deal with, but to have him do it while chastising Iran for somehow not “coming clean” of about their nuclear energy program is simply embarrassing.  I can’t imagine that anyone outside of this country ( or whose ego isn’t directly dependent on perpetuating this lie ) has not yet come to the obvious conclusion that a great many things were involved in the destruction of the World Trade Towers ( and the unexplained collapse of building 7 ), but the magic bullet theory of an explanation that has been given to us, wasn’t one of them.

To listen to this president ( who is perpetuating two invasions / occupations that are both crimes against humanity ) while behaving as if this country is still somehow in position to judge anyone’s actions at all, just exemplifies the myriad problems that result from the American “move on” mentality.  Regardless of how many crimes this country commits against Man, God, and Earth, we just pretend it didn’t happen, and continue our arrogant, ignorant ways that have left this country ( and this planet ) in the horrendous state that it is in.

How can this president even bring up the death of 3,000 people almost ten years ago when we have killed two million innocent Iraqis, destroyed their country, and poisoned their lands, bodies, and souls beyond any comprehension over numerous and well documented lies?  How can he continue to act like we have been violated to such a degree by the “other” that we still have the right to destroy two countries in retribution?  Even if both countries were guilty ( which again – they are anything but ) haven’t we extracted equivalent blood, and inflicted equivalent damage literally a thousand fold?

Meanwhile, Ahmedinejad ( who has explained the reasons why Iran is NOT perusing a nuclear weapon so many times, even I’m getting tired of hearing it ) might as well be talking to the dining room table that Barney Frank referred to.  It’s beyond belief that the leader of country that hasn’t so much as spit it anyone’s direction this decade is the one who’s integrity is constantly in question, while this country has and continues to do nothing but lie through its teeth to itself and everyone else.  The fact that the United States, Great Brittan, and France are all in “agreement” that Iran is lying about their intentions means as much as it did when they were in “agreement” about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and all three should be summarily prohibited from passing judgment on anyone until they are forced to face ( on the international stage ) the reality and repercussions of their previous incomprehensible misjudgments, accusations, and actions…  Assuming you still believe any of it was by accident to begin with.

Ahmedinejad is entirely correct when he asks “what right do you have to tell us what to do?”  He is stating nothing but fact when ( speaking of these belligerent and antagonistic powers ) he says “these countries are just members of the IAEA like everybody else and have no authority to give orders.”  Yet the media has once again fallen for and is perpetuating the delusion that Iran is somehow obliged to tell these consistently and blatantly deceitful countries what it is doing in its own country, while these global criminals continue their multitudinous covert operations and secret weapons programs all over this world ( including in Iran itself ).  Iran is not “obliged” to disclose anything at all to these people who would only use such information to continue their relentless efforts to destabilize that country, and paint it as the enemy of the world.  Ahmedinejad shouldn’t be asked to “come clean” about Iran’s operations until the United States, Great Brittan, France, and Israel come clean about theirs.

Which brings us to the other pillar of honesty, integrity, justice, and fair play at the heart this deception – that being Israel.  It’s simply mystifying that a country that – as near as I can tell – has yet to abide by a single U.N. resolution in it’s entire history and is flagrantly lying about their own arsenal of nuclear weapons ( and God knows what else ), is the same country that refuses to “believe” that Ahmedinejad could possibly be telling the truth.  After the war crime of their aggression in Lebanon and the perpetual war crimes committed against the Palestinian people, Israel is in no position to question anyone’s veracity to begin with. Not to mention, it really doesn’t take a psychology major to recognize their constant accusations of others as deflection. It’s fairly easy to understand Israel’s inability to “believe” anyone else is the result of their own inability to be truthful about anything at all.

If you wanted to hear any actual truth in the last couple of weeks, you would have had to have listened to some of the U.N. addresses by the “babbling dictators” that this country and the media made sure no one heard.  Good luck finding Evo Morales’ or Hugo Chavez’s speeches in video or transcript form ( since neither CSPAN or U.N. TV have them available for some mysterious reason ), and if you try – all you’ll find are sites set up to deliver a virus to your computer.  Some upstanding agency obviously wants people to pay dearly for even trying to find any hint of reality on this planet, and it is just another example of colonial modus operandi and “fair play.”

In fact even to find Ahmedinejad’s speech you’ll have to look to the Russian TV network on YouTube.  Apparently they are the only ones who not only found it important enough to cover, but were not deathly afraid of airing his actual words in their entirety. This of course was in stark contrast to what American media did which was pick one or two sentences that can be easily misrepresented, and dismiss the rest as the “babblings of a dictator.”  As Ahmedinejad has said quite consistently over the years ( for anyone who has actually been listening ), his understanding of hegemony, the inevitable failure of capitalism and colonization, and the true nature of the human spirit paints a picture of a world actually worth living in as opposed to the predatory, destructive, and perpetually dishonest pseudo-civilization that currently dominates the surface of this world.  For anyone open minded enough to actually hear the man speak, you can find it here, and it is transcribed at ICH here.

As I’ve said on numerous occasions ( and will obviously have to say again ) denial is as American as apple pie, but I was hopeful Obama would be able to break the cycle.  It pains me that so far he insists on perpetuating the mountain of myths necessary to sustain the American false ego, and I’m obviously not alone.  The people who rallied against and overcame the corporate machine to get him elected fought tooth and nail for a new direction, and all we have to show for is a darker shade of the same.  Now that ES&S has purchased Diebold there will be but one Republican company in control of our votes in 2010 and ( as a result of a decade of denial over our corrupt election system ) we will once again be faced with fraudulent outcomes that come as a complete “surprise” to the people.  As the hate and misinformation mounts without any retaliatory truth emanating from the White House, these same forces that have governed reality for as long as anyone can remember are once again setting the stage for their fabricated “re-taking of Congress” in 2010 – and they clearly have the machines to do it. Yet the people continue to allow themselves to be distracted by delusions of Acorn when all of the real prostitution quite obviously happens in Congress.  These politicians have been bought and paid for by people we never see, and they just keep smiling, and giggling, and telling us it’s “apple pie.”

By no stretch of the imagination is this any kind of change I can believe in, and if this President is expecting the people to support his repackaged version of American mythology based solely on his charisma and functional linguistic ability, I’m afraid he’s in for a rude awakening – like the rest of this self deluded country.  I suspect the results of Chicago’s short lived Olympic bid ( and the domestic glee over his unsuccessful efforts ) might be the first taste of that reality.  There are plenty of people in this country who want him to fail simply because of what he is, and his consistent distancing from reality is burning the bridge to his true support.  The corporations that he continues to vehemently support will abandon him as soon as they are done with him and it is becoming clear that ( short of some sudden enlightenment ) this president is sprinting toward the fate of George Bush, where the only true friend he had left was his dog.

Bill Noxid https://billnoxid.wordpress.com/

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True Colors: The motives (race & greed) driving Health Insurance reform debate

•September 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

It becomes increasingly clear that the best thing that could have possibly happened to this country was the election of a President of color. Although this country has remained steeped in hypocrisy and denial since its inception, a Black Man as President has made that increasingly and painfully obvious. Every day there is a new example ( like keeping your children home from school to prevent them from seeing the current Black President speak, yet busing your children to a football stadium to watch a former White President speak ), and the racist elements at the core of this society are finding it impossible to maintain their previous anonymity. The list of prominent political figures inadvertently exposing themselves ( most recently Congresswoman Jean Schmidt ) as being incapable of accepting this man as President continues to grow, as the fallacy about this country’s evolution on issues of race becomes progressively evident. The treatment of and response to this President every time he opens his mouth paints a painful but accurate portrait of American Racism, and it is long past time to face it.

The “McCarthian” attacks on this president and his staff ( that merely mask their true motivations ) have risen to new heights over proposed health insurance reform and the President’s address to a joint session of Congress demonstrated that in spades. In a country that allowed eight years of the most horrendous lies to govern reality and dictate global policy, no amount of evidence was sufficient to demonstrate the fraud perpetrated on the American people and the world, yet no evidence whatsoever is necessary to fabricate anything at all about this President, or scream “You Lie!” on the House floor like an ignorant town hall teabagger. In forty years I’ve never seen anything like it, but since there has never been a president that daily rakes across the dirty little secret of this country, there’s no reason that I ever would have.

From the moment the President took the podium, the tactics that were going to be employed were obvious and childish. The same pathetic “hand made” signs, reams of supposed healthcare reform bills ( more likely fantasy football lists ), and with Blackberrys in hand ( ready to tweet their disapproval at an instants’ notice ) these people were “armed” and ready for rebellion. The rage on their faces was evident from the get-go and without any prior knowledge, one would have been sure that this President had violated each and every one of these men in some deeply personal manner.

I don’t mind saying that I was not particularly hopeful that this speech was going to be anything more than another attempt at appeasing the wild beasts that cannot be appeased. I’ve written in great detail about my disappointment in this President’s efforts to reach compromises with the people that deliberately created the disasters this country and this world face, and this health insurance reform issue ( beginning with the immediate dismissal of the single payer option ) gave me little reason to believe in this President’s grasp of the core issues involved. In my opinion, most of these House and Senate members should be in jail ( or at very least out of a job ) for their deliberate efforts over the last thirty years to create the economic inequality and parasitic greed that governs this capitalist country, and they have no right to be consulted – even about the time of day. During his campaign, these people relentlessly employed the tried and true methods of personal destruction and used their centuries old bag of tricks to resuscitate this country’s terminal fear of the Black Man – and it was beyond frustrating watching him praise a system that was designed specifically to keep his kind ( and mine ) enslaved and in chains.

Although this reality continues to go unaddressed by this President, his address to the joint session of congress demonstrated that he has the capacity to actually hear the people and engage the Corporation. I must say, this is a very good start and a promising sign. Although he continues to treat these people like equals who obviously consider him anything but, he demonstrated an honest desire to tend to the needs of the people – in the face of the purveyors of corporate greed.

Although most of the attention in this reform debate centers on the public option, this President dealt some additional and extraordinary blows to the predatory economic model of the “providers” that were visibly painful for these republican senators ( Insurance company representatives ) to even hear spoken aloud. Watching them twist, squirm, turn beet red, and collapse was quite something to behold. The real reason for the feigned outrage over any reform at all is that the current structure of the insurance industry allows these literal leaches to suck the life blood from the populace without any regulation or responsibility at all, and that is precisely how they like it. The illusion that they provide any service or value is a precarious one at best, and several of Obama’s proposed reforms highlight that reality and abruptly turn off the free flowing faucet of billions that these people have painstakingly constructed.

Take just a few of examples:

1. No Pre-existing conditions: The easiest way to limit their responsibility and outlay of funds is to only cover people that are not likely to get sick. Obama’s proposal makes that illegal.

2. Cap on Cost: When illness does strike an individual, the “providers” have consistently jacked up the cost to the policy holder to compensate for their outlay. Obama’s proposal makes that illegal.

3. No Cap on Payout: When illness strikes and the “providers” decide they don’t want to pay for your care anymore, they can arbitrarily end your coverage. Obama’s proposal makes that illegal.

Notice that the ways in which these “providers” have traditionally made the bulk of their obscene profits would be made ILLEGAL by Obama’s proposed reform, and this elucidates the actuality of these entities. They are in fact criminal extortion operations that feed off of the misery and suffering of individuals and are renowned for sucking every last cent from people – often at the very end of their lives. This is the reality that they desperately try to keep the populace from recognizing and why they go to such great lengths to divert the conversation from the truth.

Certainly, not all of the news was good however.  As I’ve said, the fact that this president insists on consulting and including the very same architects of this predatory insurance industry in developing the plan for reform, only ensures that they will ( as they have done for decades ) devise devious methods of preserving the system as is.  The “compromises” this president has already floated are exactly that, and only serve to divert the financial molestation from one orifice to another.

For instance, the most offensive proposal ( as far as I’m concerned ) is this preposterous suggestion of a mandate.  The Baucus bill states clearly that people would be forced to purchase insurance from these criminal entities that shouldn’t exist in the first place.  This is the “compromise” that these blue dog republicans in democratic clothing are proposing to compensate for the losses in bilking privileges that would result from the reforms mentioned above.  This ridiculous plan would force millions more individuals into the pockets of these abusers, and would fine people who already can’t afford to pay blood money to these “providers,” up to $3,800 dollars a year.  The trigger and the four year delay are more examples that serve no purpose whatsoever, except to give these institutions four more years to rape the public and plot how they are going to re-wage the war at the end of that period anyway.

The real problem that these capitalists have created in this predatory nation is that there are too many vultures and not enough corpses.  The reason that American industry cannot compete in the international marketplace is that too many industries have a “need” to profit from every single transaction and aspect of American life, which causes everything ( food, shelter, medicine, etc. ) to be exponentially more expensive than anywhere else on the planet.  The number of people whose profit margins and lifestyles depend on getting a piece of the average American’s meager salary is enormous, and simply cannot be sustained.  The workers in this country are bilked at every turn, and none of these “capitalists” ( like the drug addicts they are ) are willing to give up one percentage point of profit, even if it is to keep the illusion of an economy running.

Since the employers are unwilling to increase salaries, the landlords are unwilling to decrease rents, the corporate food machine is unwilling to lower prices, the pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to lower drug costs, etc. there is literally not enough money to go around to keep these greedy institutions satiated.  Add to this the wholly unnecessary insurance industry that is just one more exorbitant expense on an already over-burdened predatory system, and we find ourselves in the situation were in…  Too many profit margins to support, and not enough economic slaves to support them.

Although all of these issues have to be addressed, the one facing us is obvious.  As evidenced by the infinite examples of these health insurance companies being nothing more than a greedy middle man whose only function is to take money from a person in medical need, and make sure that the individual doesn’t get the service, they are quite literally an anti-value in the economic system.  The argument ( in favor of their continued existence ) that these institutions provide “jobs” is ridiculous when one considers the lack of value those jobs produce.  When AIG was actual needed during the collapse of the American economy myth for instance, we found out just how true that reality is.  Yet because the parasites are dug in so deeply into our system of government, instead of this criminal entity being dissolved and imprisoning the people responsible, billions of taxpayer future dollars were printed up to cover this company’s loses, as well as seemingly every other corporation on the planet.  Compare this to the Chinese food executives that after their brief experiment in emulating American style shortcuts that resulted in tainted food products, were quite quickly sentenced to death.

So the same people who created the global dilemmas we all face, are still in charge and ( if it can even be believed ) have infinitely more money now than they did before loosing everyone else’s.  This is the system we live in, and these are the people these republicans represent.  Their distain and lack of respect for the American mind ( hard to argue there ) makes it just a matter of advertising to convinced the moronic masses that the most important aspect of the health insurance debate is to address tort reform ( so it is impossible to sue your doctor after he amputates the wrong diabetes-ridden leg because he was high on Oxycontin ), or that illegal aliens are going to steal their healthcare.  The fact that the Whitehouse is already showing signs of capitulation to the anti-humanist agenda by including some kind of citizenship check to buy healthcare, is just another example of why this country is such an atrocious global citizen.

The easiest way to rid our culture of these diseased institutions would be a single payer plan ( like the rest of the semi-civilized world ) where ( contrary to popular misconception ) the government would PAY FOR, NOT PROVIDE healthcare – leaving individuals free to choose whatever doctor they want without fear of being denied by the insurance industry.  Since the weebles have been wobbled into believing the corporate fallacy about this approach however, there’s not much hope of that any time soon.

Which brings us to their last remaining nemesis – The Public Option.  All the fear tactics and scary government take-over talk is a ruse to keep the people from waking to the reality that these entities provide no actual service or benefit to humanity, and this country would be infinitely better off if they didn’t exist at all. If there is one thing this President said during his address that is completely false it is that these companies have the “right” to make a profit from the illness of Americans, and the existence of a public option would remove that incentive and destroy their monopoly. The preposterous suggestion that only 5% of the people would choose to abandon their blood-sucking “providers” in favor of a system that’s sole purpose wasn’t to benefit from their disease is no doubt another industry generated myth to lessen the perceived impact, but they and I both know it would be considerably more than that. The average healthcare costs per individual in this country are twice that of any other industrialized nation on the planet and it is precisely because of the profit motive that this is the case. A public option of any kind would make that glaringly apparent, and they are deathly afraid ( and rightfully so ) that it would kill the golden goose.

So this is the fight we must undertake, and the fight we must win. Even with the rest of the proposed reforms that this President has suggested ( that will considerably impact these “providers” ability to gouge the public ), they would do nothing to impact the monopoly, and these criminals would still be the only option for people who are unwilling to just lay down and die. A full and open ( to everyone ) public option must be in the reform bill to wrench control of American lives out of the hands of these demons, and to expose them as the parasites that they are. Forget the rantings of the ignorant and bloated masses that will soon succumb to the diseases intentionally inflicted upon them by the poisonous fabricated food system. They will learn the error of their support of these institutions the hard way as they lay sick or dying, and their own lives are reduced to nothing more than a cash machine for the corporation. Focus on delivering the truth to the President and Democratic Congress, and the transformation this country has needed for decades can begin with the end of the “healthcare” monopoly.

Bill Noxid https://billnoxid.wordpress.com/

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This writing is also posted at ICH: http://ow.ly/pcl5

Note: As evidenced by some of the comments at ICH, it’s amazing how few people truly understand the basis for the insidious, secretive, and unending hate and fear of Black people in this country. To that end, please watch this short video on the Origins of the Ku Klux Klan. It’s imperative that the American people understand where these common misconceptions come from, if there is to be any hope of facing the truth and breaking the cycle: http://ow.ly/l1tp

Anatomy of American Ignorance – Part 2

•September 4, 2009 • 2 Comments

I wish I could say I was disappointed, but none of this is a surprise.  While the President continues his efforts to reach some kind of farcical “bipartisan” agreement with people who continue to call and pray for his death, the people who actually risked their lives to get him elected are rapidly losing their patience.  In the brief six month or so since his election, this president has been maneuvered into sacrificing virtually all of the desires of the electorate on the altar of the Corporation, and certainly this healthcare reform debacle is yet another prime example.  The demands of the people to see accountability for a decade of stolen elections, accountability for the home grown crime of 9-11, accountability for the destruction of privacy, accountability for the destruction of constitutional rights, accountability for torture, an end to the war crime in Iraq, an end to the war crime in Afghanistan, and a host of other malignancies in this country, have all been deferred, and once again we are expected to just “move on.”

“move on” is all this country has ever done since its inception, and there’s no place left for it to “move on” to.  Every minute of every day a new horrendous revelation about the hidden mental illness this country functions on is revealed as those in denial relentlessly lavish praise upon themselves for their own ignorance ( which they call “patriotism” ).  Obama’s continued efforts to appease the criminal corporate powerbase ( and their easily manipulated followers ) is a pointless and destructive endeavor that only allows the true enemies of society to remain hidden and in control.

‘I do not regard Barack Obama as “my president”. I regard him as the “Infidel in the White House”! With him unwilling to prove his legitimacy and systematic approach to dismantling “free enterprise” and “capitalism” in our society, I have compared him to a “black reincarnated Hitler”! With his SEIU thugs hired to intimidate, scorn, threaten and beat up peaceful protestors, he is the “Mafia Godfather”! With his initial requests for “fishy e-mails” which cited negative comments about his Health Scare Plan, he is acting like the “Gestapo Agent”! With the Democrats and Obama resorting to using the rare statute of “reconciliation”, they are acting like “Nazi dictators”! Never in my life would I have believed what a president could do to demoralize our great American nation! He deserves to be impeached for surrounding his inner circle with Communists, Marxists, vulgar Maoists, Lennens, Weather Underground individuals and those who believe in the principals of Mao Tse Tung! This is not a president, this is a vile, heinous leader hell bent on ruining our freedoms and right to free speech! I hope our Patriots holler loud enough to make a statement that he is not welcome in D.C.!’ [sic] – Anonymous Tea Party Blogger

‘He says he’s dropping the Public Option but all he want is a Plan to go through and then Put his Evil Plan into action he has no plan to give up control . He is a Hitler and he has no intention of going forward for communisim he’s past Scoialisim and if my kids were in school I would keep them home the day OBAMAs indoctrition of the kids and start brain washing them and if they made them watch it when they went back to school and sent a paper home how you can help your Pres I would go whoop the Teacher s#$% .there is a time to sit and look at this crazy mess but now they are trying to brainwash our kids and grandkids. Enough!!!!!!’ [sic] – Regina Groves

‘I urge you to do whatever it takes – ditch the dish, downsize your home, trade the BMW – figure out a way to get your children out of government schools. If you want to home school then do it, otherwise get them into something that is inline with your values and out of the government brainwashing program. Forget that you’re paying for school twice – we have to address that later. Now is the time to get them out. Act now – don’t wait. Your children (and your grandchildren) and the country will be better off.’ – kfaulkner

‘My patriotic duty IS to keep my grand kids away from this communist bigot and his half wit wife and all his socialist soldiers!’ – Cybergeezer

‘It’s like Thomas Jefferson said, a revolution every now and then is a good thing. We are at the point, Sean, of revolution. [ snip ] This cannot pass. What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass. Something is way crazy out there, This is slavery, It’s nothing more than slavery.’ – Michelle Bachmann

‘Slavery? Yeah, that’s what obamafascist wants for the non black people of this country, and to take what we leave as we head off to prison camp as retribution for someone they never knew or weren’t even related to having been a slave once upon a time.’ – Spiritk9

‘Let me tell you something: I don’t love Barack Obama. I don’t respect Barack Obama. I don’t obey Barack Obama. And I’d like Barack Obama to melt like a snail tonight. [ snip ] This is what I’m going to pray, because this is the only prayer that applies to him: ‘Break his teeth, O God, in his mouth. You know, as a snail which melteth, let him pass away. [ snip ] He ought to be aborted. It ought to be, ‘Abort Obama.’ [ snip ] I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell. When I go to bed tonight, that’s what I’m going to pray. And you say, ‘Are you just saying that?’ No. When I go to bed tonight, Steven L. Anderson is going to pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell.’ – Pastor Steven Anderson

These are the people Obama continuously tries to “reach out” to.  If Obama himself was being honest about the origin of this country and it’s true history ( instead of the self-serving propaganda offered by the American educational system ), he would understand what motivates this unalterable hatred, and would recognize why these people will never accept him as President.  The sudden and endless calls for a return the glory days of the founding fathers is itself a proclamation of that fact, and you don’t have to be a historian to understand that.  Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner ( along with the rest of the “Founding fathers” ), and what was different about the “glory days” was that Obama would have been legally 3/5ths of a man, and would have been in chains. This is precisely the reality they long for and desperately wish to return to.

This explains the outrage over something as simple as a presidential message to the children of this country at the commencement of the school year.  The people that want their children to grow up knowing the same degree of hate that they do, are deathly afraid that if their children actual hear the President, they won’t consider him the monster that their parents do.  During the eight years of Bush mangling every third word out of his mouth and the “No Child Left Behind” charade, I don’t recall a SINGLE call to pull children out of the government brainwashing program, yet somehow an eloquent and ( in my opinion ) entirely too passive president is suddenly the greatest threat to their children’s mental state since Hitler’s Nazi Youth program.  This is because the last thing in the Universe these people want ( and their deepest fear ) is that their children will grow up in a world of diversity and equality and put an end to the hateful caste system in which they so fervently believe, and that has kept them in power for over two hundred years.

As disturbing as this is, obviously none of this hate is new and these motivations have existed for as long as this country has.  What is new ( and why this operation continues to be so effective at altering “public perception” ) are the methods of organization and delivery that the Corporation has employed.  As always the corporation spends a great deal of time, money, and effort in developing their campaigns, but I must say – this is the most impressive one I’ve seen, in a long line of impressive operations.  If the motivations weren’t what they are, I would actually be congratulating these people. There have been several examples of this new methodology this year, but because ( as usual ) no one was paying attention, they have now grown to incalculable size.  On several occasions we’ve seen an “explosion” of “public support” and the fact the people are so easily manipulated is what makes it possible.  This new phase of operation began ( in earnest ) with the so-called “Green Revolution” during the Iranian election.

Unfortunately, this was another Corporate driven ad campaign.  The Cyberwar and attempted coup that was launched on Iran was quite something to behold.  For starters, no one should have believed that moments after the election, millions of tweets suddenly erupted from Iran ( leading to the brink of Twitpocalypse ) and yet the Government of that country was powerless to stop it. No one should have believed that all of a sudden the twittering children of Iran instantly developed a corporate level understanding of global internet communications, identity protection, and government security system circumvention.  No one should have believed that these children would suddenly ( in the middle of such “oppression” ) develop graphics, video, and web development capabilities that any corporation would be proud to showcase, and no one should have believed that all of these people ( most of which ‘miraculously’ appeared just before the election ) had thousands of tweets in a matter of days.

It didn’t take long for the Iranian Government to figure out what was going on and somewhat surprisingly Ahmadinejad was the only one telling the truth.  Where as I used to think that all levels of Government in this country were involved in things like this, the statements from Obama and Gates ( among a variety of other things ) led me to rethink the reality of plausible deniability.  As an engineer I could barely keep up with the stealth and magnitude of the operation, and it’s doubtful I have a grasp on the totality of it to this day.  You can be certain that Obama didn’t and doesn’t know anything at all about this, which now leads me to believe in the possibility that Bush didn’t know anything that was going on either.

The effort to circumvent the Iranian Government was an astonishingly advanced technical operation that required the highest levels of ability and modern techniques.  Do any of you actual know what is involved in setting up a proxy for instance? In building a tor bridge? In making an attractive 2.0 icon? In building a cross platform social network? In getting any of it to work in conjuction?  Of course not, but everyone was willing to just accept that these “kids” were evidentially fifty times smarter than the average American and their kids combined, and ( armed only with their Iphones ) almost succeeded in fomenting revolution and bringing down the Iranian Government.

The gamers were developing this operation ( as best as I can tell ) for well over a year, and only they ( and God ) know how many profiles they set up to “simulate” a population.  “You can’t stop all of us” was the mantra as they continued to generate these bot-driven automated users that were spiting out slogans by the thousands.  I guarantee that every one of us has any number of these fake users as twitter followers, and whatever corporation, agency, etc. that is actually behind this new approach has quite effectively ingrained themselves into all of our cyber-lives.  Go check your followers and see for yourself.  All of those “cute girls” that are following you or those one or two extra followers that increase your numbers ( but don’t appear in your list ) are not a fluke, accident, or there to sell you “porn.”

As the Iranian Government began to track down the people who were being unwittingly used as front line soldiers and were rounding them up by the thousands, “miraculously” the flow of supposed tweets from Iran didn’t decrease at all, and the tag they set up for the operation stayed at the top of twitter trends for at least a month as these automated profiles continued to dominate twitter and the American psyche.  The few people who recognized this operation for what it was were quickly ridiculed, insulted, and demeaned into curtailing their efforts to shine light on this act of war and ( as hard as it may be to believe ) the only thing that prevented the gamers from cementing global opinion against Iran ( via the insurmountable propaganda that they had developed ) was the death of Michael Jackson.  The American attention span being what it is, once this new diversion preoccupied the masses and the media, there was no way to bring it back.

Believe it or not, I consider the gamers to be as much slaves to the corporation as the rest of us. This extremely clever and telling anonymous cartoon that was circulating at the time is worth a thousand words, and indicates that many of them feel the same way too.  These incredibly talented people are being used like every other aspect of society to perpetuate the control mechanisms of the corporation and the reality on this planet is that the Corporation is the only “employer” there is. EVERYONE is working for the demonic power structure whether they are aware of it or not.  Many of these people actually believe in real freedom, yet somehow have been convinced by the corporation ( or feel they have no choice ) that perception control is the only way to achieve it.

This is the same operation and methodology that is driving the “revolution” facing this country now.  Quite obviously their mastery of herding the masses is increasing by the minute as evidenced by the swiftness in which Van Jones was targeted, assaulted, and ousted in a matter of days.  A Man whose only apparent offense was to notice the heinous act at WTC…  Something the rulers are quite obviously still adamant about keeping a lid on – since it is the foundation of every fabricated event and false perception about the world that we “believe” in since September 11, 2001.

The irony of course is that if this was a white president ( and if they were not being led around by the nose ), I have no doubt that the same people and forces that are demonizing him at every turn would be praising him to no end.  Thus far this president hasn’t strayed one iota from the corporate model, and against all odds has somehow managed to re-bury the largest crime in the history of modern man.  In fact, you can be sure that by the actions he has taken he is financing his own destruction.  By siphoning 23 trillion dollars ( and counting ) from the people’s future to fill the void left by these criminals, he has managed to re-legitimize and re-empower the very people responsible for virtually every problem we face as a species.  Had this president held the banks and financial institutions responsible for the creation and collapse of the global Ponzi scheme that used to be called an economy, the perpetrators would be in jail and wouldn’t have the power or the resources to wage the disinformation campaign against him that has been running since the instant he announced his candidacy.

I suspect this is his very last chance to get it, and prove to the people that he can see the truth through the myth.  The fact that he was so willing to give up single-payer to these forces ( which the people still desperately want ), and is now poised to give up the watered-down public option is why the support of the people is rapidly deteriorating.  I don’t believe in the validity of any polls in this country, but his continuous kowtowing and compromises with the forces that have no intentions other than keeping the people ignorant and enslaved has left the world of supporters he used to have disillusioned and disgusted.  As he continues to ignore the very real and blatantly obvious motivations for this intense hatred, and allows the myth-makers to drive the debate, he leaves the people with no reason to believe in or support him.  As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, this President’s propensity for what he calls “compromise” has already significantly diminished his welcome with the REAL power base on this planet, and his continued failure to understand this ( and to know the enemy he faces ) will be his inevitable undoing and lead to the continued and perpetual slavery of the people of this country and the world.

Bill Noxid https://billnoxid.wordpress.com/

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This writing ( as well as part Part 1 ) is posted at Information Clearing House: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23437.htm

Anatomy of American Ignorance – Part 1

•August 17, 2009 • 4 Comments

It’s a full time occupation trying to unravel the reasons Americans remain in the dark.  What seems ( to any intelligent outside observer ) like sheer stupidity and arrogance is in reality an almost inescapable indoctrination process that begins before you are born, and ends some time after your dead.  It is a system so complex and all encompassing that few can recognize any reality outside of it at all, and that of course is its intended purpose.

The astonishing amount of rage demonstrated during the course of this fallacious healthcare debate has exposed a great many unfortunate realities about the United States.  This country’s inherent ability to avoid the truth about its own origins and behaviors has become increasingly apparent during the first six months of this presidency, and ( as a result of the continued collective denial ) there’s no chance of it ending any time soon.

It’s generally not hard to find examples of the totality of mind control in this country, but last week produced a couple of rare examples. Arlen Specter’s Town Hall meeting was evidently an important “test case” for the organizers of disingenuous dissent, and we got to see a variety of the false arguments.  Just look at the two most obvious incidents.

First there was Craig Miller.  Aside from the hypocrisy of the fact that in eight years of Bush, I don’t recall one “protester” causing that kind of disruption, wagging their finger in the face of a senator, calling down the wrath of God on him, while the police stand around and wait for him to run out of breath – but the really astonishing event was the interview the next morning.  Truly, it must be seen to be believed.  In eight minutes of interview, the man could not produce a single, solitary, intelligible reason for his rage.  It was so embarrassing, that he eventually had to refer to his crib notes just to eek out some nonsensical fear of Czars, before Dylan had to mercifully end the non-conversation.

However the textbook example of why people in this country have no concept of reality was delivered by Specter’s other heckler, Katy Abram.  Certainly you all remember her…  She was the one who announced that the “sleeping giant had awakened.”

“I don’t believe this is just about healthcare, it’s not about TARP,  it’s not about left and right, this is about the systematic dismantling of this country.  I’m only thirty-five years old, I’ve never been interested in politics.  You have awakened the sleeping giant.  We are tired of this.  This is why everybody in this room is so ticked off.  I don’t want this country turning into Russia – turning into a socialized country.  My question for you is what are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created according to the constitution.”

First of all, what a meaningless statement and question that has no possible rational answer – and only serves to give the people like Craig Miller something generic to cheer for.  The all-encompassing, non-specific, return to the “glory days” of the founding fathers.  This is the kind of reaction these “phrases” are supposed to elicit, and that is what they are designed for.  Not that Katy herself came up with any of it of course…  She is merely parroting whatever and whoever she is listening to.

Evidence of that reality became painfully obvious when she was interviewed the next day by Laurence O’Donnell.  From the onset, she flashed her doe in the headlights look ( that would be charming if this was a game show ), and proceeded to demonstrate her lack of knowledge about virtually everything that has occurred ( in this country and on this planet ) in the last ten years.

O’Donnell: “What made you want to go”

Abram: “Umm, just sheer frustration, umm, I see all these things being pushed through very quickly, umm, TARP, this healthcare bill, umm, cash for clunkers, and the frustrating thing to me is these programs are being funded by me, my friends, my family, umm, we have a small business and the amount of taxes we pay out of that is ridiculous. And yet they want us to pay more – I, or, it sounds like they want us to pay more, so that, that is the root of my frustration.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

O’Donnell: “In the plans discussed so far, the increase in taxation would occur only on families with incomes of over $250,000.  Would that include you and your family?”

Abram: “Honestly it ( nervous laugh ), I’d rather, I’d rather not say…  I don’t even know ( another nervous laugh ).  Umm, my husband takes care of the bills and everything, I, you know, he takes care of us, and that’s all that matters, umm.”

Are you serious?  After that ridiculous rant about her, her husband, her friends, and her family having to fund these programs ( like it’s the first time she’s seen a government ), we find she has no idea how much her husband makes, how much they pay in taxes, or even what tax bracket they are in?!?  The only thing ridiculous about the amount of taxes “she” pays is that she doesn’t know the amount of taxes “she” pays, and has the nerve to portend outrage about it.  Not to mention it is quite a testament to the woman’s equality movement in this country – and particularly in her household.

O’Donnell: “Do you and your family have health insurance?”

Abram: “Yeah we do have health insurance, umm, we have a heath savings account that we pay for ourselves. We, we have a $5,000+ deductable, umm, that basically in the course of a normal year we will pay for all of our medical out, our medical needs out-of-pocket – doctors visits – and this year’s been a little more difficult cuz my son’s had surgery and it looks like we’re looking for his, at a second one, umm, we’re almost at our deductable so that’s a good thing ( chuckle ), but that was a choice that we made, and that’s what we wanted to do.  Umm, and I want to be able to keep that choice, I don’t want to be forced or slowly coaxed into a single payer program…  I want to have my choice.”

Truly, it’s hard to believe how stupefied the people in this country are.  Certainly that’s nothing new ( in fact it’s the crux of keeping these feeble minds enslaved ), but look at the depth of her confusion.  Here we have a woman that after explaining that ( for all intents and purposes ) her family has no insurance, she claims to be afraid that someone will take that “choice” away from her.  Her ( and her husband who obviously made this ridiculous arrangement ) pay the entire cost of their healthcare every year, plus whatever they pay to the insurance company that is laughing at them, and they are afraid someone is going to forcibly take that choice away from them?  Force them to what?  Not pay for Non-healthcare?

I’m fairly sure they have nothing to worry about.  I can’t imagine that in the good-ol’ USA, someone is going to deprive you of your right to be an idiot and get screwed out of money you never see any return from – unless you “get lucky” and your child has to undergo two major surgeries in a year.  These nitwits think they are defending their “free choice as Americans,” when in reality they are defending the corporation’s right to keep them poor, sick, and stupid – and forcing the rest of the populous to have no choice either.

But even more distressing and telling about the lack of awareness in this country is this next exchange, after explaining that her and her parents “don’t talk politics” ( Who would have ever guessed ).

O’Donnell:  “You said in your statement that you are thirty-five years old, and that nothing has gotten you interested in politics before, and what’s interesting to me about that is that means you – as an adult – lived through 9-11, lived through the invasion of Afghanistan, the war in Afghanistan, the first chapter of what became two wars in the middle east – including the Iraq war. You lived through all of that, and were not – as you put it – “awakened” into an interest in politics.  How could those things pass through your life like this and not spark any interest in politics prior to Washington saying “we think we want to help out some people who can’t afford health insurance the way you can.”  Why would this be the thing that wakes you up after you were willing to just ignore politics as we went past 9-11, into Afghanistan, into Iraq?”

Abram: “Sure, I, I always seemed to have faith in the government and honestly, I didn’t really care ( laugh ).  Umm, I had other things going on – ya know, getting married, having children – it just, it wasn’t a priority in my life, and, ya know I really didn’t start even watching the news at all I think until maybe 1991 I guess it was, when, umm, we first went to the Gulf War – I remember watching CNN with my dad and watching the infra-red missiles going across that you could see, umm, and, I think it, to me, I mean maybe I’m just not that smart, but you know, it seems like we’ve kind of been at war for, since then, I mean – or maybe even before, I don’t know – it just always seem like we’re having some kind of conflict so, that, you know, whether, about wars – umm, I don’t know, that just seems common place now…  Umm, I think everybody’s just so used to it.

What an atrociously callous and ignorant statement that surely could only come from an American.  Ten years of genocidal crusader conquest for corporate profit, leaving untold millions dead, dying, and diseased, and this woman has the temerity to say “everyone is just used to it.”  If white phosphorous and depleted uranium weapons were raining down on her family and her healthcare needs included raising a child without any eyes, or skull, or arms, or legs as a result of the poisoned environment, I suspect she might be a little less flippant and a little less “used to it.”  What this country did in the last ten years, the whole world is going to have to deal with for the next hundred, and people like this are unaware anything has happened at all.  This pathetic culture and its inability and unwillingness to recognize the continuous crimes committed against the lands and peoples of the world, is why people like this woman can tra-la-la through life without a clue of the horrendous damage her ignorance allows.

In part two, I’ll examine how American’s in general ( but these people in particular ) develop these false realities, and where they get their “information” from.

Bill Noxid

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The Obama Problem: Black, and Unaware of it…

•July 25, 2009 • 3 Comments

The way this president has been mocked since he first announced his candidacy has been ( from the perspective of a conscious Black Man ) beyond intolerable. Every dehumanizing tactic, stereotypical image, and derogatory slur ever conceived of since the inception of American Slavery has been leveled at this man, and he has reacted with denial and delusion. The brief opportunity he has been afforded to shed light on the systematic inequalities and prejudices that plaque this society is dwindling rapidly, as is his validity as a representative of the under-represented to begin with.

It’s easy for me to recognize Obama’s problem.  Perhaps, because it’s a problem I’ve had to address myself.  The truth of the matter is all of our perceptions and beliefs are formed from the society we were raised and live in, and as a result Barack suffers from the same delusions most Americans do.  Since this country’s inception it has been necessary to create fairy tales to substitute for the horrendous crimes against man and God that bore the society we live in today, and that practice has not abated one iota.  These multitudinous multi-dimensional falsehoods combine to form the belief system of the people of this country, and it is so diametrically opposed to the truth that it prevents them from seeing any reality at all – even ( or especially ) when it is staring them in the face.

The fact that this president’s perception of reality is based on “American History” has been apparent for quite a long time.  For instance throughout his tortuous campaign, Obama ( among other things ) made it abundantly clear that he was not a threat to the incomprehensibly false version of slavery and its impact on / contribution to / foundation of the society we live in.  The most fundamental denial of this society as a whole is the reality of its dependence on slavery to exist, and sustaining that delusion is of critical importance to the ruling forces that have thrived on it for centuries.

His ignorance and / or denial of this reality have been displayed on numerous occasions.  Not the least of which was his Colonial Inaugural Address.

“We the people have remained faithful to the ideals of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.”

“We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense”

“For us, they toiled in sweatshops and settled the West; endured the lash of the whip and plowed the hard earth.”

“They saw America as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions; greater than all the differences of birth or wealth or faction.”

None of these statements would be shocking coming from an American president, were it not for the fact that he is Black.  The fact that a Black Man could make such petty and fleeting references to the centuries of horrors experienced by the millions of slaves at the root of this country’s wealth and power ( and the builders of the house in which he now resides ), or the millions of natives eradicated during the “settling” of the West, is clear evidence of the American Propaganda he has adopted in place of the truth.

He provided an even more astonishing and disturbing example when confronted with the reality of the five-hundred year-old slave facility ( Cape Coast Castle ), in Ghana.  His bewildering inability and ineptitude in searching for “meaning” was painful to watch.

COOPER: “As you — as you walk around this castle, what goes through your mind?”

OBAMA: “Well, obviously, it’s a powerful moment for not just myself but I think for Michelle and the girls. You know, I’m reminded of the same feeling I got when I went to Buchenwald with Elie Wiesel.”

COOPER: “How would you explain it to Sasha and Malia?”

OBAMA: “Well, you know, you try to explain that people were willing to degrade others because they appeared differently, and, you know, you tried to actually get them to engage in the imaginative act of what it would be like if they were snatched away from mom and dad and sent to someplace they had never seen before.”

What an embarrassing representation, and a shocking display of ignorance.  As telling as it is that he is incapable of reflecting on the atrocities of slavery without first referencing the ( apparently more significant ) holocaust, what is most disturbing is that he is capable of making that comparison at all.  It’s like comparing an apple to the ocean.  How can he compare the experiences of a group of people ( who were by no means all Jews – Blacks didn’t escape that horror either ) over a four year period, to the horrific multi-millennial institution of slavery that has “evolved” into the system we now call Capitalism?

The answer is fairly simple, and it applies to all colonized countries.  He suffers from the same form of Stockholm syndrome that all American Blacks do.  Because our true history was erased from our consciousness, we have been forced to adopt the culture and beliefs of the captors’ society.  It is the reason that he believes this is the “land of the free,” it is the reason he believes in the “founding fathers,” and it is the reason that any Black Man in this country worships Jesus Christ – in the form he is presented.  We have no home, founders, or god of our own.

His unwillingness to recognize this is not just an issue of personal identity failure, and it has already caused irreparable and immeasurable loss of opportunity.  The wave of humanity that brought him to the Whitehouse, did so with the expectation that he would genuinely represent the unrepresented in this country, and that he would ( at very least ) attempt to bring some semblance of equality to this society.  His representation ( intentional or unintentional ) was a fraud, and his inability to face the realities of his own origins ( whether it be the Kenyan father that he never knew, or his brother that lives in a hut ), has left all of the people who depended on him to be of like-mind, still without representation, and without any energy or resources to seek a new champion.

His denial and avoidance of matters of race during his campaign set the racial equality movement back exponentially, and racially motivated incidents and statements ( not the least of which are the ones directed at him ), are sharply on the rise.  However, ever since the President had the nerve to say that the Cambridge Police Department ( Officer James Crowley ) “acted stupidly” in arresting Gates , the issue he tries so desperately to avoid, is facing him once again.

The hoards who have been so vocally “offended” by the mere suggestion that an officer of the law could possibly harbor prejudices or could possibly lie about the incident, have used this reaction to stifle dissent and protect their unjust status-quo society in every single instance where the reality of fairness has arisen.  The mere suggestion ( no matter how many thousands of documented examples we can reference ) has drawn hellfire from every direction.  For the sake of clarity however, I will site two more applicable examples that ( were I having a sane conversation, in a sane country ) should put an end to the diversionary outrage and focus us squarely on reality.

For those who refuse to believe that an “officer of the law” would falsify an incident report, then you probably have never had an encounter with the police of any kind.  Dash-cam video of this officer ( Joel Francisco ) just released this morning shows clearly the matter-of-fact nature of this officer’s decision to fabricate the incident report, and that his priority is the protection of the other officer’s driving record as opposed to the law.  Considering the almost meaningless nature of the original accident, one doesn’t have to strain to imagine what happens under more serious or “public” circumstances.

For those of you that wish to believe that officers in this country ( Cambridge or anywhere else ) are beyond racism ( no mater how many thousands of documented examples we can reference ), take a look at how officer Justin Barrett reacted to one reporters view on the Gates arrest.

“If I was the officer that he assaulted like a banana eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC deserving of belligerent non-compliance.”

“That paragraph was as pathetic as jungle monkey jibberish.”

“Gates who’s great success has allowed him to transcend the racial divide, to which I ask, when did he transcend?  He indeed transcended back to a bumbling jungle monkey, thus he forever tremains amid this nation’s great social / racial divide that makes it a free and great nation mixed with crazy and awkward differences.  Go ahead. ax me what I think?  Gates is a goddamed fool and you the article writer simply a poor follower and maybe worse, a poor writer.  Your article title should read CONDUCT UNBECOMING A JUNGLE MONKEY-BACK TO ONES ROOTS.” JB

Bear in mind that this is written ( verbatim ) by a self-described former English teacher, writer, current police officer, father, husband, and military veteran.  The usual type of “unimpeachable authority” that black people ( and all minorities ) are forced to contend with on a daily basis, and if it were one day earlier, this officer would be above reproach as well.

With that in mind, let’s look at a one simple fact.  Now that Lucia Whalen ( who was not the woman who observed these men initially, but was the one who called 911 on her behalf ) has made her statement, it is quite apparent that officer James Crowley fabricated the entire conversation he claimed to have with her.  This alleged conversation is documented in the “incident report.”

Police Incident Report

“As I reached the door, a female voice called out to me.  I turned and looked in the direction of the voice and observed a white female, later identified as Lucia Whalen.  Whalen, who was standing on the sidewalk in front of the residence, held a wireless telephone in her hand and told me that it was she who called. ( end of reality ) She went on to tell me that she observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch of xx Ware Street.  She told me that her suspicions were aroused when she observed one of the men wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry.  Since I was the only police officer on location and had my back to the front door as I spoke with her, I asked that she wait for the other responding officers while I investigated further.”

None of this happened, and Lucia Whalen stated that she said nothing to the officer – except to identify herself as the caller.  The rest is obviously fabricated for “probable cause.”

Based on that information alone, there is no reason to believe the rest of this officer’s account either ( and neither should any court ).  If he could “mis-remember” having an entire conversation with someone he has never met, I’m not going to believe him when he says a Black Harvard Professor ( who – as officer Justin Barrett’s comments confirm – has cause to fear for his life in such situations ) was talking about doing something to the officer’s “mama.”

But you can bet everyone else ( including apparently, Colin Powell ) will continue to believe it, and the lie has become the narrative.  “How dare this black man speak to an officer this way.”  However, I assure you that Gates was not the only Black Man wrongfully arrested on that day, and the characterizations this officer made about Gates behavior can likely be found on most of their “incident reports.”  It’s not a new “excuse” for arresting Black Men by any stretch of the imagination, and if the culture wasn’t in denial about that reality for the last couple of hundred years, we wouldn’t see this occur every day.

So as the preposterous affront continues with U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican from Michigan, proposing legislation demanding that President Obama formally “apologize” to the Cambridge Police Department, it’s long past time for Obama to make a stand.  When his own Reverend ( Wright ) was speaking on these very issues Obama threw him to the racist wolves over some sound-bites, Instead of standing up for the truth.  His avoidance has given free reign to the likes of Glen Beck to openly call him a racist, and ( the colonized ) Michelle Malkin to assault him and his wife on morning television.  Instead of having a beer in support of the racist status quo, both of these Black Men need to make a stand for those of us who are not in such “supposed” positions of power.

The Beer Summit

The shameful display that was the beer summit succeeded in demonstrating only one thing. Still, no one is willing to be ( openly ) honest about what is going on. Officer Crowley’s antiseptic press conference in which he announced that they “agreed to disagree” left a bigger void than staying silent would have, while Gates’ attempt at diminishing the gravity of the event through “levity,” only succeeded in revealing the impact the traumatic event had on his subconscious and dream state.

Perhaps no so surprisingly, officer Barrett ( who called Professor Gates a “banana-eating jungle monkey” ) seems to be the only one who feels his “civil rights” have been violated, and is also the only one who thinks he has a right to do anything about it. While he sues the Police commissioner and the Mayor for “conspiring to intentionally inflict emotional distress,” the latest conspiratorial racial assault circulating is nothing more than an updated version of Sambo ( or Sambama – the Socialist Joker ) in black-face. Figuring out who is behind these efforts and what motivates them is not hard, and Obama’s continued lack of awareness and response ( particularly the lack of a “Post Summit” comment at all ) is, unfortunately, typical.

As much as the media, the government, the corporation, and people in general would like to “move on” in continued denial ( something that is rapidly becoming and Obama trademark ), the issue is never, ever going to resolve itself or diminish one iota until this global society is willing to face the truth. The lack of understanding of slavery, prejudice, and the global cast system prevents the masses from recognizing their own indentured servitude, and keeps them defending the people and policies that keep them enslaved to begin with.

Once again this core issue is slipping from mainstream consciousness, but the hate and rage that fueled the civil war has never gone far. Considering Professor Gates has had to change his email address, has been afraid to return to his home, and is being encouraged by Harvard University to move as a result of the continued threats on his life, then I would say this “issue” is far from resolved.

So much for the pathetic attempt at a “teaching moment.”

Bill Noxid

Last Update: 09-15-09 – Link added

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The Problem with “A nation of Cowards”: American Denial and Revisionist History

•February 21, 2009 • 7 Comments

The most disturbing consequence of the election of the first African-American president is the delusional rush to pretend that this country that was founded ( and continues to function ) on genocide and slavery, is somehow “past” racism. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth, and the fact that society as a whole still refuses to face it is – as Attorney General Eric Holder stated clearly – nothing less than cowardice. Just Google “Coons in the White House” if you need an example of just how “far” we haven’t come.

If you need another example, watch the response of the “typical white man” that is Pat Buchanan when faced with such reality. I would gladly point to another perpetrator of archaic racist fear, deflection, and denial, but MSNBC doesn’t seem to have any other representatives. The fact that Buchanan is on from 6am ( Morning Joe ) to 6pm ( Hardball – which airs again 7-8pm ), makes the perspective they wish to represent and enforce continuously and unavoidably evident.


If his tirade sounds familiar, it certainly should. It’s the same argument people like him having been using since the days of slavery to instill fear in the white populous and justify their inhuman treatment of black people. It’s the same argument that Pat Buchanan used in the Brief for Whitey he wrote when his fears of a black president began to come true:

“America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.”

“We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?”

“Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?”

“As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?”

“Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?”

Patrick J. Buchanan – A Brief for Whitey

The nature of these preposterous statements exemplifies the various hurtles encountered when trying to have any kind of rational conversation about race in this country. Anyone who has boiled their perception of an entire race down to some fake statistics – undoubtedly supplied by some white power website – has rendered himself incapable of having a reality-based conversation.

Take the 3% of crimes committed by whites against blacks “statistic.” It’s almost impossible to state the absurdity of that statement. Clearly the brain-trust who made that calculation doesn’t consider the murder of two million Iraqi’s, or the genocide of 100 million Native Americans to “found” ( or take ) this country, crimes of any sort.

Clearly the mathematical genius that has determined that “black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common” thinks that occupying virtually all of the countries on the planet ( intentionally killing their leaders, teachers, doctors, and men of fighting age, poisoning their environment, stealing their resources, moving Globo-Corps slave facilities to their lands, and paying whoever is left a dollar a day to make our computers and sneakers ) is not considered theft of any kind.

Likewise, the historian that points to the opportunity presented to 600,000 ( another ridiculous number ) Africans by kidnapping them from their own lands so they could reach “the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known,” is obviously overlooking the evidence of the oldest recognizable monarchy in human history ( preceding the rise of the earliest Egyptian kings by several generations ) that was discovered in artifacts from ancient Nubia in 1979. A New York Times article published March 1st of that year chronicles the event.1,2 Artifacts mind you that were largely destroyed, in order to erase them from historical existence.

But of course, people like this are not interested in any kind of conversation that represents reality on this planet, and that is out of necessity. If they were to look at this planet in any light other than through the prism of the American flag they would have to face what this country has done ( and continues to do ), and the history it had to necessarily erase in order to remain in imperial control of this planet. If the true history were actually known, the slaves would no longer consider themselves inferior and the psychological chains that bind them to servitude would no longer exist.

So let’s talk about this country in the vacuum that they are used to then. Isn’t is just the height of white arrogance to think that after centuries of slavery and oppression that continues to this very minute, blacks should somehow “get over it” and be content to remain the underclass? Pose no disruption whatsoever to the white man’s farcical “law abiding” society?

Because, as I’m sure we can all agree, if the situation was reversed and Nubians were in control of society ( enslaving and oppressing white people, being sure to “bomb them back to the stone age” from time to time ) white people would surely submit to black rule without any resistance at all, right? If the Palestinian and Israeli situations were reversed, we would expect the Israelis to renounce violence and acknowledge Palestine’s right to exist, right?

Sure… Infinitely more likely everything would be on fire, irradiated, and almost everybody would be dead or dying. Just like it usually ends up anyway when the “white man” shows up in your land… Whether you are at war with him or not. Just ask our “allies” in Afghanistan and Pakistan for example.

And yes, in fact white society is eminently culpable for “the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America” in more ways than one can count. Perhaps Pat missed the news last week of the two judges, Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan, who pleaded guilty in Scranton, Pa., for taking more than $2.6 million in kickbacks to send poor and minority teenagers to two privately run youth detention centers – run by PA Child Care and a sister company, Western PA Child Care.3,4

Perhaps he is unaware of the news last week that Blacks and Latinos make up about 80% of the people stopped and questioned by NYPD. It would seem to me that would greatly increase the “odds” of black people going to jail as opposed to the 15% percent of whites stopped.5

Or maybe he didn’t catch the cell phone footage of 22 year old Oscar Grant being shot in the back while face-down on the subway platform ( effectively executed in front of horrified passengers ), leaving another one of those fatherless children they are quick to complain about having to support.6 The list of “grievances” goes on, and on, and on…

I won’t dissect the rest of the lunacy, but you get the idea. These people have to believe in utter nonsense to justify their behavior and having any kind of “conversation” about it threatens their false reality. Hence the perpetual rage in response to any hint of truth or history. Pat wants you to believe these methods are new, isolated, or unique in this country, but in reality he is calling us all blithering idiots that have no right to knowledge or freedom. He knows very well that this is modus operandi in these United States, and has been from inception. This is the discussion that cowardice prevents.


1 Nubian Monarchy Called Oldest


2 When We Ruled – About the book


3 Suit Names 2 Judges Accused in a Kickback Case


4 Judge Guilty in Kickbacks Is Accused of Fixing Suit


5 Blacks / Latinos make up about 80% stopped / questioned by NYPD


6 BART SHOOTING: Transit Police Ask For Patience


This writing is also posted on ICH: The Problem with “A Nation of Cowards”

The Happening…

•September 26, 2008 • 1 Comment

It seems like a belabored point, but there is just no escaping it. Mainstream media continues to be the most critical ( and probably the most accessible ) impediment to the evolution of the species. The American ( and global ) populous remain physiologically corralled by the mock reality the media delivers, which makes any attempt to impart or understand the truth extremely difficult.

The problem is that once you are part of the lie, you are part of the lie. This is why I repeatedly stress the importance of being honest with oneself at all times. It’s not a matter of being caught in the lie, it’s the fact that the lie will catch you. It is inescapable because you have made it part of your reality. As long as you choose to live by that lie that you have accepted, you have to support ( and do ) whatever is necessary to sustain that lie.

This country is up to its neck ( actually well over its head ) in lies, and Obama has unfortunately accepted several of them. It’s a decision he made quite some time ago when he chose stroking the American ego over the truth that his pastor spoke. It’s a decision he made when he went to AIPAC and continued the “Israel has the right to defend herself” company line. It’s a decision he made when he chose to sacrifice our right to privacy for political expediency, and gave immunity to the Telecom industry for Bush / Cheney’s voice and data mining exploits. Accepting these non-realities separates him from understanding and dealing with the source of a great many problems in this country ( and on this planet ) that have existed and persisted since the era of overt slavery and empire. Little of its workings have changed, it is just hidden by this illusion of “democracy.”

This “economic crisis” is proving the reality of this in a variety of ways. Unless Obama is willing to accept the fact that this entire fiasco is the result of a deliberate campaign that has been blatantly evident for over five years, then he will not make a just decision on this corporate bailout – which is actually a creation of false wealth scheme on a scale never conceived of before. It’s not news to anyone with access to any information and the desire to know that the sub-prime mortgage scam targeted minorities approximately 73%, to 17% whites. It was intended from the beginning that these people default on their loans so that the foreclosures could gather up the property, and the people would have to go elsewhere… Or more to the point, disappear. Not much different than what is continually occurring in the aftermath of Katrina – three years later. It’s called gentrification, and there is plenty of evidence to support what I just said – if you care to look it up.

For five years this has gone on and not the president, not congress, not Wall Street, not the media, no one ( with the notable exception of Eliot Spitzer ) made any effort to save these people who had been swindled out of whatever money they had, as well as their homes. Once again all this government and the media offered was condescension; blaming these people ( for digging their own holes ) by taking loans they couldn’t afford. They are still trying to sell that revolting deflection and I’m sure you heard it at least once today ( from mainstream media ). However, as Ms. Warren [Harvard Law School professor and bankruptcy expert,] said:

“If we had 1.2 million people whose toasters had exploded this year, we would not be saying they should have checked the wiring more closely before they bought those things,”.

These criminal organizations knew exactly what they were doing, and it was exactly what they intended…

Meanwhile, they were getting extraordinarily wealthy on all of this imaginary money they were creating – reselling these useless mortgages to each other over and over, and if the economy wasn’t such an abysmal failure from all other aspects as well ( plummeting housing costs, skyrocketing unemployment, two overt wars, and God knows how many covert ones, etc, etc. ), they would probably still be getting away with it.

This didn’t happen in a vacuum. During the eight years of the dismantling of what used to pass for a government regulatory system, every day the media had the opportunity ( and the responsibility ) to investigate and inform the American people about what was happening. Instead of the “go team, go shopping” propaganda they provided along with an occasional “the economy is strong” sound byte, they could have been educating the populous ( and themselves ) about the growing and impending predicament. As usual ( and unfortunately ) they chose ( or were directed ) to focus on anything and everything but the crimes that were being committed against the American people – and the world.

As a solution to the “problem” ( of the game becoming visible ) the Government division of the Corporation intends to print up ( whether the “taxpayers” want them to or not ) a trillion dollars to cover what they tried to extort from the homeowner, and legitimize moving the ownership of the land back to the Government. The cleanest money and land laundering operation imaginable… Cleansed by the Federal Reserve itself…

“If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker could go down.” George Bush.

To add insult to grand-theft-country, Bush tells you that if you don’t let them take the trillion dollars, in order to keep their lifestyles and your land, that somehow your credit cards won’t work, you won’t be able to get a loan, you won’t be able to buy food, and the sun won’t come up anymore.

Don’t forget that your children’s children will foot the bill. Assuming this imaginary monetary system lasts that long.

This demonstrates why they don’t educate people ( or at least provide them the tools to educate themselves ) in this country. If people were educated ( even self-educated ), they would know how royally they are being screwed every instant of their existence, and by whom. It would seem to me if a taxpayer’s money should go anywhere, it should go towards schooling their children or improving broadband coverage ( 16th in the world ), yet somehow we all end up owing the government for the rest of our lives for the brainwashing that substitutes for education and information.

So unless Obama ( or anyone else ) is willing to accept the reality of the con, he will not be able to address this debacle honestly. He will be lured into supporting whatever the corporation wants him to be lured into. As will McCain. As will the people of this country and the world. Unless someone decides to speak the truth, of course….

Accepting the fallacy that media creates puts him ( or anyone ) in the position of constantly having to make decisions and statements that are not based on reality at all. It’s Kang and Kodos. The choices are fabricated by the myth makers and they win no matter what you choose. You can’t win if you play in their reality. They make the rules, and believe me it’s fixed. If you don’t exist outside of it, you are slave to it by definition.

Mind you – aside from all of this – there is no question who I will be voting for. None of the realities I have come to know about this world were easy to accept ( although in time, they become as comfortable as the lie you live in now ), and I can’t necessarily expect him to see what I see. Beyond any shadow of any doubt he is infinitely closer to understanding and accepting the truth than McCain or Palin could hope to be, and I’m really trying to avoid watching the world ( or at least Man’s time here ) come to an end.

I’ll tell you what I would offer as a solution to this dilemma, but bear in mind, I’m outside of the game and my priorities are very different… From where I’m standing, every single life is important and intended by the Creator, and should be nurtured, encouraged, and supplied with whatever is required to reach their highest potential. To do so benefits all life, accelerates the evolution of the species, and is our duty as co-inhabitants of this world.

So since ( apparently ) we have a trillion dollars we can spend in a week, here’s what I suggest. First I would undo the crime committed against these poor, manipulated, and discarded people, and I would give them back their homes as well as apologize for what their “elected” government allowed to happen to them. If the government can even suggest giving a pass to these criminal lenders and letting the properties “sit” until their value returns, there’s no reason the people can’t ( and shouldn’t ) be in them during that time. With any luck, they can begin building equity again, and earn the “right” to keep their house. No money need change hands, and the banks will have to figure out a way to take the locks and foreclosure signs off of the houses without having to make money on it. They’ve lived off of the masses for centuries long enough. Let them sacrifice for what they created for a change.

In theory, 30 billion a year, would put an end to world hunger. “As you treat the least of Me,” and if one of us is hungry, we all are. Hunger is the most painful and most avoidable plague on this planet. Let’s be generous and put five years worth aside, so we don’t have to think about it for a minute. In five years, the other expenditures would be having an impact anyway.

Bush vetoed 7 billion dollars to provide healthcare to children in this country, yet finds it acceptable to spend 700 billion bailing out foreign and domestic banks. I would allocate 100 billion to develop and implement a global health system ( in conjunction with any and all foreign governments ) that would ensure ( real ) healthcare to all people of this planet. Regardless of where, when, and why… As you treat the least of Me.

Bush vetoed 4.5 billion for education, while making more speeches about fiscal responsibility. I would allocate 100 billion towards ensuring an education ( in reality ) for every man woman and child on this planet. The cumulative knowledge and opportunity in the world would almost instantly increase exponentially, and the possibilities would become limitless.

Finally, I would spend 100 billion dollars to develop a global initiative intended to move the world ( as a whole ) off of fossil fuels, and onto geocentric solutions. All restrictions ( such as Bush’s moratorium of solar development – due to insufficient environmental studies ) would be removed, and incentives to participate would be exciting and abundant. The abuse of this planet and her people for the benefit of the resource monopoly must come to an abrupt halt – one way or the other.

The remaining 550 billion can wait for five years, and we can see where we are. One thing you could be certain of however. This would be a much happier, healthier, more productive, and more peaceful planet… and we would be well on our way to an actual civilization.

If ( as we can plainly see ) producing sums of this scale are no problem for this country, then there is no longer any excuse to allow ( cause ) the continued suffering of the species and this planet. No longer can we accept the lie that there is no money for food, education, geocentric energy, etc, but there are always trillions available for the whims of those that have brought us to the precipice. It’s time to make it clear to the mainstream media and myth-makers that we see through the con, and will not tolerate the diversion anymore.