Nano Skies: Weather War, Chemtrails, and the Toxic Air You Breathe

Truly, it’s just unbelievable.  After four years of LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) deception, lies, and obstruction in the ever ongoing effort to paint the poorest people in our society (and the meager benefits some of them get) as being the real problem and the only serious drain on the ‘economy,’ we are right back to three weeks of “fiscal cliff” diversion and Republican obstruction, after an election that soundly rebuked the slavers’ false narrative.

Instead of engaging in this mindless misdirection however, I’ll ask one simple question.  What do you suppose a decade of Global Chemtrailing and Weaponized Weather costs versus Grandma’s Medicare?  The day before the 9-11 False Flag Operation (certainly no small price tag either), Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 Trillion dollars in Pentagon spending couldn’t be accounted for… and that was before a decade of False Flag Wars.

Meanwhile the horrific chemtraling program has been going on in broad daylight all over the planet for well over a decade, with no ‘official’ acknowledgement whatsoever.  How much (in tax dollars) do you suppose it costs to blanket the planet in Aluminum Oxide Nano particles (and a hundred other ghastly components) every single day… for ten years?

Quite obviously, the problem of the Grande Deception hasn’t changed much.  The people of this planet are led by the nose to focus on meaningless nothingness and misdirection, while the self-proclaimed masters continue their massive and horrendous efforts to perfect slavery and literal total control of the planet… and everything on it.

There are a hundred thousand layers of deception on this planet, and a multitude of disturbing operations against the people on every one of them.  However this global chemtrailing operation quite obviously affects every single one of us, on the nano scale.  If anything at all can collectively wake people up to the real enemies we face as a species, this just has to be it.  Understand the reality of what you breathe every single day, and be determined to do something about it… for yourself, your family, your children, and the future of all life on this planet.

Look up… and get involved.

Bill Noxid

~ by Bill Noxid on November 30, 2012.

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