Attention101 YouTube Channel Terminated: Inexplicable Delay Restoring it

Believe it or not, I’m not inherently suspicious.  In fact, I have the utmost faith in Humanity and Creation.  You certainly wouldn’t gather that from my volumes of writing, but there is a perfectly good reason for the apparent disconnect.  I am not deaf, dumb, blind, and otherwise totality oblivious to what happens right in front of me.

From the Rise of Confederate Civil War instigation being excused as ‘policy differences,’ to instigated insurrection masquerading as 2.0 march to freedom, to the 24 Trillion dollar ongoing economic crime, to global implementation of global austerity measures, to worldwide weaponized weather, to the repeal of every civil liberty accomplishment in a hundred years, to the summary dismissal of Union worker & safety rights, to the open assault on environmental regulation, to the deregulation of corporate slaver institutional election financing, etc., etc., etc., there is – quite literally – nowhere to hide from obvious and intentional madness.

However, four years of my research and exposure on these and a host of other topics are currently in limbo.  Since 6/6/11, YouTube has had my main account (Attention101) ‘terminated’ for a supposed copyright infringement that has already been retracted by the video originator twice, yet my account remains inexplicably off-line.

After two weeks of circuitous emails, this extension channel (Attention101 TV) is the next stage in the effort.  Please watch / share the featured video, and help me (and the multitude of others who have had mountains of work disappeared under suspicious circumstances) continue the effort to expose the truth.  Email and ask them to end the inexplicable delay, and restore my channel (Attention101) as they themselves have already stated they would do.

Bill Noxid
Twitter @CallOutJoe

~ by Bill Noxid on June 23, 2011.

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