Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? – Only in your Dreams

Watching MSNBC’s coverage of ‘the last combat troops leaving Iraq’ for 3 hours reminded of a few brutal realities that still plague this country and this planet. The first being just how far this country remains from any semblance of reality. It’s the kind of delusional denial that truly can only be believed when witnessed from within. As Keith Olbermann was describing the cinematic quality of the “Strykers driving into your living room,” I could really think of only one thing – The aftermath of a 7.5 year all out United States operation to decimate a people and their society.

There’s no way to comprehend the scope and facets of this operation, because you would need a Pentagon for that. From the first day after initial conquest when the money disappeared from the banks and their record of civilization was decimated by the looting of their museums, it was like any other colonial conquest in history, except every excruciating moment of this one was on television. The following 7.5 years of the assimilation of a country went as diagrammed.

From control (denial) of power, water, and even seed monopolization, to toxic contamination of the gene pool and re-education ‘schools,’ to monopolization of natural resources, to fostering drug addictions and self-perpetuating violence, etc., what took a hundred years to do to Native Americans was accomplished in under a decade. Quite an example of lessons learned from hundreds of years of colonization.

And in the name of all that is Holy, please do not delude yourself into believing this war is over. 50,000 troops will remain, an ‘unknowable’ number of contractors / mercenaries, and an embassy that makes the Vatican look like the summer home will remain. Certainly, the colonization of Iraq was one of the fastest and most efficient in history. It also needs to be the last.

So there are no delusions of the reality we have left for the Iraqi people, please watch the short videos below. Then, while you’re sitting with your family watching the MSM pundits debate whether the war was ‘worth it’ or not, think about how long you could survive the kind of ‘Freedom’ we have heaped on the Iraqis. Face the reality, and forget the cinema.

1.5M Iraqi War Widows:

The poisoning of Iraq:

Iraq – Unknown Illness Spreads:

Iraq – Another little girl’s house gone:

Still no electricity in Baghdad:

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~ by Bill Noxid on August 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? – Only in your Dreams”

  1. Thank you for covering this massive cover-up.

  2. last combat troops leaving? YEAH RIGHT!!! point of the illegal invasions are to set up your bases, kill millions of civilians and then send half of the troops home while 50,000 still remain. how is that leaving again? we aint gonna leave iraq anytime soon. the will of the Iraqis should be like the Afghanis who are killing the terrorist US troops on a daily basis. the world could learn alot from Afghan Freedom fighters.

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  5. Excellent article. I’ve quoted you in my own blog post on the subject (with link). Hope you don’t mind.

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