Obama Denial Displayed: Leading with Post-Racial Bi-Partisan Myopia

When President Obama was first elected, he had a brief but very real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people in this country and the world.  The collapse of the global economic system uncovered the corporate behemoths that govern every aspect of life and perception on this planet, and the leaders ( in both industry and government ) were exposed as the criminals they are.

Instead of taking these people to task and holding them responsible ( which – have no illusion – would have been an extremely painful and difficult process ), he chose to perpetuate the myth of a functioning economy, and do what this country has always done… Look the other way.

Instead of dismantling these criminal institutions and jailing those responsible for decades of enslavement and abuse of the people of this country and the world, he chose to hire these very same criminals to devise a way to “recover” from this debacle.  In total disregard of the demonstrated will of 80% of the people in this country, this president continued the Bush policy of cover-up, and poured hundreds of billions of imaginary future dollars back into these vacuous institutions.  As astronomical as these amounts of money were, this enormous effort was the equivalent of paving over the Grand Canyon with matzo bread.  Rest assured, it is that matzo that the global economy is currently teetering on, and the canyon beneath is very much still there.

This fraudulent Health Insurance reform debate is a similar example.  In spite of the will of 80% of the people of this country, this President chose to summarily dismiss a single payer system that would alleviate the perpetual burden of exorbitant healthcare premiums from the backs of the poor and working classes ( and lead towards the abolishment of the lecherous and wholly unnecessary insurance industry ), and replace it with the insurance industry giveaway sponsored by Baucus and his industry cronies.  The most anyone has offered as justification for this initial and unwarranted sacrifice was a specious 80 billion dollar “deal” allegedly struck with the pharmaceutical companies.  Even if true, this sum is an obvious pittance in comparison to the profits they reap from being the only “drug dealers” supplying the American Pharma-fix.

This week the needs and desires of the people were all but eliminated as the Senate finance committee voted down the two remaining Public Option amendments ( Schumer’s and Rockefeller’s ) with the help of five Republicans in Democratic clothing ( Baucus, Conrad, Lincon, Carper, & Nelson ).  The Wyden Free Choice Act ( offering people exchanges outside of what their employer offers ) was killed in the middle of the night ( 1:00am and without a vote ) by a giggling Senator Baucus, and I’m anxiously ( and facetiously ) awaiting the “outrage” from the people who were screaming for months about keeping their “free choice.”  We’ll see what “grass roots” outrage they can muster now that FreedomWorks isn’t busing them in, and their right to a choice has actually has been taken away… Again.

The remaining five hundred or so proposed amendments are all designed to further entrap the American populace, and it’s just amazing how it keeps happening.  A few months of corporate sponsored “government takeover” and “death panel” chants for diversion, and reform that was supposed to mean freedom from insurance industry extortion is transformed into a mandate to buy from them.  If nothing else, you can admire these criminals for their efficiency at the shell game, and it’s easy to see how they gained control over the American people’s easily manipulated psyche to begin with.

Honestly, this President makes it’s extraordinarily difficult to defend him…  Even for me.  It isn’t news that he believes the majority of America’s self-perpetuating propaganda, but his performances at the United Nations and the G20 summit last week presented just too many examples in succession of why this president continues to represent no change at all.  While the police and military used sonic weapons and tear gas to keep the protesters out-of-site and out-of-mind, this President’s comments just continued to illustrate how much of a willing participant he is in perpetuating the delusion and denial that this country suffers from and operates on.

To hear a man whom I like to consider intelligent reiterate the fabrication that “Al Qaeda” killed 3,000 people on September 11th, 2001, is hard enough to deal with, but to have him do it while chastising Iran for somehow not “coming clean” of about their nuclear energy program is simply embarrassing.  I can’t imagine that anyone outside of this country ( or whose ego isn’t directly dependent on perpetuating this lie ) has not yet come to the obvious conclusion that a great many things were involved in the destruction of the World Trade Towers ( and the unexplained collapse of building 7 ), but the magic bullet theory of an explanation that has been given to us, wasn’t one of them.

To listen to this president ( who is perpetuating two invasions / occupations that are both crimes against humanity ) while behaving as if this country is still somehow in position to judge anyone’s actions at all, just exemplifies the myriad problems that result from the American “move on” mentality.  Regardless of how many crimes this country commits against Man, God, and Earth, we just pretend it didn’t happen, and continue our arrogant, ignorant ways that have left this country ( and this planet ) in the horrendous state that it is in.

How can this president even bring up the death of 3,000 people almost ten years ago when we have killed two million innocent Iraqis, destroyed their country, and poisoned their lands, bodies, and souls beyond any comprehension over numerous and well documented lies?  How can he continue to act like we have been violated to such a degree by the “other” that we still have the right to destroy two countries in retribution?  Even if both countries were guilty ( which again – they are anything but ) haven’t we extracted equivalent blood, and inflicted equivalent damage literally a thousand fold?

Meanwhile, Ahmedinejad ( who has explained the reasons why Iran is NOT perusing a nuclear weapon so many times, even I’m getting tired of hearing it ) might as well be talking to the dining room table that Barney Frank referred to.  It’s beyond belief that the leader of country that hasn’t so much as spit it anyone’s direction this decade is the one who’s integrity is constantly in question, while this country has and continues to do nothing but lie through its teeth to itself and everyone else.  The fact that the United States, Great Brittan, and France are all in “agreement” that Iran is lying about their intentions means as much as it did when they were in “agreement” about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and all three should be summarily prohibited from passing judgment on anyone until they are forced to face ( on the international stage ) the reality and repercussions of their previous incomprehensible misjudgments, accusations, and actions…  Assuming you still believe any of it was by accident to begin with.

Ahmedinejad is entirely correct when he asks “what right do you have to tell us what to do?”  He is stating nothing but fact when ( speaking of these belligerent and antagonistic powers ) he says “these countries are just members of the IAEA like everybody else and have no authority to give orders.”  Yet the media has once again fallen for and is perpetuating the delusion that Iran is somehow obliged to tell these consistently and blatantly deceitful countries what it is doing in its own country, while these global criminals continue their multitudinous covert operations and secret weapons programs all over this world ( including in Iran itself ).  Iran is not “obliged” to disclose anything at all to these people who would only use such information to continue their relentless efforts to destabilize that country, and paint it as the enemy of the world.  Ahmedinejad shouldn’t be asked to “come clean” about Iran’s operations until the United States, Great Brittan, France, and Israel come clean about theirs.

Which brings us to the other pillar of honesty, integrity, justice, and fair play at the heart this deception – that being Israel.  It’s simply mystifying that a country that – as near as I can tell – has yet to abide by a single U.N. resolution in it’s entire history and is flagrantly lying about their own arsenal of nuclear weapons ( and God knows what else ), is the same country that refuses to “believe” that Ahmedinejad could possibly be telling the truth.  After the war crime of their aggression in Lebanon and the perpetual war crimes committed against the Palestinian people, Israel is in no position to question anyone’s veracity to begin with. Not to mention, it really doesn’t take a psychology major to recognize their constant accusations of others as deflection. It’s fairly easy to understand Israel’s inability to “believe” anyone else is the result of their own inability to be truthful about anything at all.

If you wanted to hear any actual truth in the last couple of weeks, you would have had to have listened to some of the U.N. addresses by the “babbling dictators” that this country and the media made sure no one heard.  Good luck finding Evo Morales’ or Hugo Chavez’s speeches in video or transcript form ( since neither CSPAN or U.N. TV have them available for some mysterious reason ), and if you try – all you’ll find are sites set up to deliver a virus to your computer.  Some upstanding agency obviously wants people to pay dearly for even trying to find any hint of reality on this planet, and it is just another example of colonial modus operandi and “fair play.”

In fact even to find Ahmedinejad’s speech you’ll have to look to the Russian TV network on YouTube.  Apparently they are the only ones who not only found it important enough to cover, but were not deathly afraid of airing his actual words in their entirety. This of course was in stark contrast to what American media did which was pick one or two sentences that can be easily misrepresented, and dismiss the rest as the “babblings of a dictator.”  As Ahmedinejad has said quite consistently over the years ( for anyone who has actually been listening ), his understanding of hegemony, the inevitable failure of capitalism and colonization, and the true nature of the human spirit paints a picture of a world actually worth living in as opposed to the predatory, destructive, and perpetually dishonest pseudo-civilization that currently dominates the surface of this world.  For anyone open minded enough to actually hear the man speak, you can find it here, and it is transcribed at ICH here.

As I’ve said on numerous occasions ( and will obviously have to say again ) denial is as American as apple pie, but I was hopeful Obama would be able to break the cycle.  It pains me that so far he insists on perpetuating the mountain of myths necessary to sustain the American false ego, and I’m obviously not alone.  The people who rallied against and overcame the corporate machine to get him elected fought tooth and nail for a new direction, and all we have to show for is a darker shade of the same.  Now that ES&S has purchased Diebold there will be but one Republican company in control of our votes in 2010 and ( as a result of a decade of denial over our corrupt election system ) we will once again be faced with fraudulent outcomes that come as a complete “surprise” to the people.  As the hate and misinformation mounts without any retaliatory truth emanating from the White House, these same forces that have governed reality for as long as anyone can remember are once again setting the stage for their fabricated “re-taking of Congress” in 2010 – and they clearly have the machines to do it. Yet the people continue to allow themselves to be distracted by delusions of Acorn when all of the real prostitution quite obviously happens in Congress.  These politicians have been bought and paid for by people we never see, and they just keep smiling, and giggling, and telling us it’s “apple pie.”

By no stretch of the imagination is this any kind of change I can believe in, and if this President is expecting the people to support his repackaged version of American mythology based solely on his charisma and functional linguistic ability, I’m afraid he’s in for a rude awakening – like the rest of this self deluded country.  I suspect the results of Chicago’s short lived Olympic bid ( and the domestic glee over his unsuccessful efforts ) might be the first taste of that reality.  There are plenty of people in this country who want him to fail simply because of what he is, and his consistent distancing from reality is burning the bridge to his true support.  The corporations that he continues to vehemently support will abandon him as soon as they are done with him and it is becoming clear that ( short of some sudden enlightenment ) this president is sprinting toward the fate of George Bush, where the only true friend he had left was his dog.

Bill Noxid https://billnoxid.wordpress.com/

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~ by Bill Noxid on September 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Obama Denial Displayed: Leading with Post-Racial Bi-Partisan Myopia”

  1. Frankly I am surprised that there was anyone at all in your country who believed that they could change direction by electing a different president. Were they not somewhat alarmed to see how easily the republicans threw in the towel?

    You guys are packed, sealed, and delivered.

  2. You outdo yourself every time you write a new piece Bill.

    It is but plain for Americans to see that the charlatans who destroyed the lives of millions of people when they were at the center stage of the world still abound. All Americans can see of course, unless they are blind to color red as a nation, that now that the curtain has fallen on the acts of their previous masters, rivulets of blood are flowing every which way on the stage. They need to ask of themselves a simple question; can these killers be forgiven?

    On his website during his campaign, The then American President-elect said, “Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inherited.” How can that be if the murderers of today are left to roam scot-free in the world of our children?

    Americans will be seen as the accomplices of these ruthless killers unless they ask for the hangman’s ropes as Bill keeps asking.

  3. […] Obama Denial Displayed: Leading with Post-Racial Bi-Partisan Myopia […]

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