Anatomy of American Ignorance – Part 2

I wish I could say I was disappointed, but none of this is a surprise.  While the President continues his efforts to reach some kind of farcical “bipartisan” agreement with people who continue to call and pray for his death, the people who actually risked their lives to get him elected are rapidly losing their patience.  In the brief six month or so since his election, this president has been maneuvered into sacrificing virtually all of the desires of the electorate on the altar of the Corporation, and certainly this healthcare reform debacle is yet another prime example.  The demands of the people to see accountability for a decade of stolen elections, accountability for the home grown crime of 9-11, accountability for the destruction of privacy, accountability for the destruction of constitutional rights, accountability for torture, an end to the war crime in Iraq, an end to the war crime in Afghanistan, and a host of other malignancies in this country, have all been deferred, and once again we are expected to just “move on.”

“move on” is all this country has ever done since its inception, and there’s no place left for it to “move on” to.  Every minute of every day a new horrendous revelation about the hidden mental illness this country functions on is revealed as those in denial relentlessly lavish praise upon themselves for their own ignorance ( which they call “patriotism” ).  Obama’s continued efforts to appease the criminal corporate powerbase ( and their easily manipulated followers ) is a pointless and destructive endeavor that only allows the true enemies of society to remain hidden and in control.

‘I do not regard Barack Obama as “my president”. I regard him as the “Infidel in the White House”! With him unwilling to prove his legitimacy and systematic approach to dismantling “free enterprise” and “capitalism” in our society, I have compared him to a “black reincarnated Hitler”! With his SEIU thugs hired to intimidate, scorn, threaten and beat up peaceful protestors, he is the “Mafia Godfather”! With his initial requests for “fishy e-mails” which cited negative comments about his Health Scare Plan, he is acting like the “Gestapo Agent”! With the Democrats and Obama resorting to using the rare statute of “reconciliation”, they are acting like “Nazi dictators”! Never in my life would I have believed what a president could do to demoralize our great American nation! He deserves to be impeached for surrounding his inner circle with Communists, Marxists, vulgar Maoists, Lennens, Weather Underground individuals and those who believe in the principals of Mao Tse Tung! This is not a president, this is a vile, heinous leader hell bent on ruining our freedoms and right to free speech! I hope our Patriots holler loud enough to make a statement that he is not welcome in D.C.!’ [sic] – Anonymous Tea Party Blogger

‘He says he’s dropping the Public Option but all he want is a Plan to go through and then Put his Evil Plan into action he has no plan to give up control . He is a Hitler and he has no intention of going forward for communisim he’s past Scoialisim and if my kids were in school I would keep them home the day OBAMAs indoctrition of the kids and start brain washing them and if they made them watch it when they went back to school and sent a paper home how you can help your Pres I would go whoop the Teacher s#$% .there is a time to sit and look at this crazy mess but now they are trying to brainwash our kids and grandkids. Enough!!!!!!’ [sic] – Regina Groves

‘I urge you to do whatever it takes – ditch the dish, downsize your home, trade the BMW – figure out a way to get your children out of government schools. If you want to home school then do it, otherwise get them into something that is inline with your values and out of the government brainwashing program. Forget that you’re paying for school twice – we have to address that later. Now is the time to get them out. Act now – don’t wait. Your children (and your grandchildren) and the country will be better off.’ – kfaulkner

‘My patriotic duty IS to keep my grand kids away from this communist bigot and his half wit wife and all his socialist soldiers!’ – Cybergeezer

‘It’s like Thomas Jefferson said, a revolution every now and then is a good thing. We are at the point, Sean, of revolution. [ snip ] This cannot pass. What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass. Something is way crazy out there, This is slavery, It’s nothing more than slavery.’ – Michelle Bachmann

‘Slavery? Yeah, that’s what obamafascist wants for the non black people of this country, and to take what we leave as we head off to prison camp as retribution for someone they never knew or weren’t even related to having been a slave once upon a time.’ – Spiritk9

‘Let me tell you something: I don’t love Barack Obama. I don’t respect Barack Obama. I don’t obey Barack Obama. And I’d like Barack Obama to melt like a snail tonight. [ snip ] This is what I’m going to pray, because this is the only prayer that applies to him: ‘Break his teeth, O God, in his mouth. You know, as a snail which melteth, let him pass away. [ snip ] He ought to be aborted. It ought to be, ‘Abort Obama.’ [ snip ] I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell. When I go to bed tonight, that’s what I’m going to pray. And you say, ‘Are you just saying that?’ No. When I go to bed tonight, Steven L. Anderson is going to pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell.’ – Pastor Steven Anderson

These are the people Obama continuously tries to “reach out” to.  If Obama himself was being honest about the origin of this country and it’s true history ( instead of the self-serving propaganda offered by the American educational system ), he would understand what motivates this unalterable hatred, and would recognize why these people will never accept him as President.  The sudden and endless calls for a return the glory days of the founding fathers is itself a proclamation of that fact, and you don’t have to be a historian to understand that.  Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner ( along with the rest of the “Founding fathers” ), and what was different about the “glory days” was that Obama would have been legally 3/5ths of a man, and would have been in chains. This is precisely the reality they long for and desperately wish to return to.

This explains the outrage over something as simple as a presidential message to the children of this country at the commencement of the school year.  The people that want their children to grow up knowing the same degree of hate that they do, are deathly afraid that if their children actual hear the President, they won’t consider him the monster that their parents do.  During the eight years of Bush mangling every third word out of his mouth and the “No Child Left Behind” charade, I don’t recall a SINGLE call to pull children out of the government brainwashing program, yet somehow an eloquent and ( in my opinion ) entirely too passive president is suddenly the greatest threat to their children’s mental state since Hitler’s Nazi Youth program.  This is because the last thing in the Universe these people want ( and their deepest fear ) is that their children will grow up in a world of diversity and equality and put an end to the hateful caste system in which they so fervently believe, and that has kept them in power for over two hundred years.

As disturbing as this is, obviously none of this hate is new and these motivations have existed for as long as this country has.  What is new ( and why this operation continues to be so effective at altering “public perception” ) are the methods of organization and delivery that the Corporation has employed.  As always the corporation spends a great deal of time, money, and effort in developing their campaigns, but I must say – this is the most impressive one I’ve seen, in a long line of impressive operations.  If the motivations weren’t what they are, I would actually be congratulating these people. There have been several examples of this new methodology this year, but because ( as usual ) no one was paying attention, they have now grown to incalculable size.  On several occasions we’ve seen an “explosion” of “public support” and the fact the people are so easily manipulated is what makes it possible.  This new phase of operation began ( in earnest ) with the so-called “Green Revolution” during the Iranian election.

Unfortunately, this was another Corporate driven ad campaign.  The Cyberwar and attempted coup that was launched on Iran was quite something to behold.  For starters, no one should have believed that moments after the election, millions of tweets suddenly erupted from Iran ( leading to the brink of Twitpocalypse ) and yet the Government of that country was powerless to stop it. No one should have believed that all of a sudden the twittering children of Iran instantly developed a corporate level understanding of global internet communications, identity protection, and government security system circumvention.  No one should have believed that these children would suddenly ( in the middle of such “oppression” ) develop graphics, video, and web development capabilities that any corporation would be proud to showcase, and no one should have believed that all of these people ( most of which ‘miraculously’ appeared just before the election ) had thousands of tweets in a matter of days.

It didn’t take long for the Iranian Government to figure out what was going on and somewhat surprisingly Ahmadinejad was the only one telling the truth.  Where as I used to think that all levels of Government in this country were involved in things like this, the statements from Obama and Gates ( among a variety of other things ) led me to rethink the reality of plausible deniability.  As an engineer I could barely keep up with the stealth and magnitude of the operation, and it’s doubtful I have a grasp on the totality of it to this day.  You can be certain that Obama didn’t and doesn’t know anything at all about this, which now leads me to believe in the possibility that Bush didn’t know anything that was going on either.

The effort to circumvent the Iranian Government was an astonishingly advanced technical operation that required the highest levels of ability and modern techniques.  Do any of you actual know what is involved in setting up a proxy for instance? In building a tor bridge? In making an attractive 2.0 icon? In building a cross platform social network? In getting any of it to work in conjuction?  Of course not, but everyone was willing to just accept that these “kids” were evidentially fifty times smarter than the average American and their kids combined, and ( armed only with their Iphones ) almost succeeded in fomenting revolution and bringing down the Iranian Government.

The gamers were developing this operation ( as best as I can tell ) for well over a year, and only they ( and God ) know how many profiles they set up to “simulate” a population.  “You can’t stop all of us” was the mantra as they continued to generate these bot-driven automated users that were spiting out slogans by the thousands.  I guarantee that every one of us has any number of these fake users as twitter followers, and whatever corporation, agency, etc. that is actually behind this new approach has quite effectively ingrained themselves into all of our cyber-lives.  Go check your followers and see for yourself.  All of those “cute girls” that are following you or those one or two extra followers that increase your numbers ( but don’t appear in your list ) are not a fluke, accident, or there to sell you “porn.”

As the Iranian Government began to track down the people who were being unwittingly used as front line soldiers and were rounding them up by the thousands, “miraculously” the flow of supposed tweets from Iran didn’t decrease at all, and the tag they set up for the operation stayed at the top of twitter trends for at least a month as these automated profiles continued to dominate twitter and the American psyche.  The few people who recognized this operation for what it was were quickly ridiculed, insulted, and demeaned into curtailing their efforts to shine light on this act of war and ( as hard as it may be to believe ) the only thing that prevented the gamers from cementing global opinion against Iran ( via the insurmountable propaganda that they had developed ) was the death of Michael Jackson.  The American attention span being what it is, once this new diversion preoccupied the masses and the media, there was no way to bring it back.

Believe it or not, I consider the gamers to be as much slaves to the corporation as the rest of us. This extremely clever and telling anonymous cartoon that was circulating at the time is worth a thousand words, and indicates that many of them feel the same way too.  These incredibly talented people are being used like every other aspect of society to perpetuate the control mechanisms of the corporation and the reality on this planet is that the Corporation is the only “employer” there is. EVERYONE is working for the demonic power structure whether they are aware of it or not.  Many of these people actually believe in real freedom, yet somehow have been convinced by the corporation ( or feel they have no choice ) that perception control is the only way to achieve it.

This is the same operation and methodology that is driving the “revolution” facing this country now.  Quite obviously their mastery of herding the masses is increasing by the minute as evidenced by the swiftness in which Van Jones was targeted, assaulted, and ousted in a matter of days.  A Man whose only apparent offense was to notice the heinous act at WTC…  Something the rulers are quite obviously still adamant about keeping a lid on – since it is the foundation of every fabricated event and false perception about the world that we “believe” in since September 11, 2001.

The irony of course is that if this was a white president ( and if they were not being led around by the nose ), I have no doubt that the same people and forces that are demonizing him at every turn would be praising him to no end.  Thus far this president hasn’t strayed one iota from the corporate model, and against all odds has somehow managed to re-bury the largest crime in the history of modern man.  In fact, you can be sure that by the actions he has taken he is financing his own destruction.  By siphoning 23 trillion dollars ( and counting ) from the people’s future to fill the void left by these criminals, he has managed to re-legitimize and re-empower the very people responsible for virtually every problem we face as a species.  Had this president held the banks and financial institutions responsible for the creation and collapse of the global Ponzi scheme that used to be called an economy, the perpetrators would be in jail and wouldn’t have the power or the resources to wage the disinformation campaign against him that has been running since the instant he announced his candidacy.

I suspect this is his very last chance to get it, and prove to the people that he can see the truth through the myth.  The fact that he was so willing to give up single-payer to these forces ( which the people still desperately want ), and is now poised to give up the watered-down public option is why the support of the people is rapidly deteriorating.  I don’t believe in the validity of any polls in this country, but his continuous kowtowing and compromises with the forces that have no intentions other than keeping the people ignorant and enslaved has left the world of supporters he used to have disillusioned and disgusted.  As he continues to ignore the very real and blatantly obvious motivations for this intense hatred, and allows the myth-makers to drive the debate, he leaves the people with no reason to believe in or support him.  As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, this President’s propensity for what he calls “compromise” has already significantly diminished his welcome with the REAL power base on this planet, and his continued failure to understand this ( and to know the enemy he faces ) will be his inevitable undoing and lead to the continued and perpetual slavery of the people of this country and the world.

Bill Noxid

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~ by Bill Noxid on September 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Anatomy of American Ignorance – Part 2”

  1. Aloha Bill,
    Again,you are on target. Don’t stay too long in one place and keep oving. We all need you your insight in this darkness called Freedom.

    Aloha is God,

  2. Great stuff, great stuff.

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