The Happening…

It seems like a belabored point, but there is just no escaping it. Mainstream media continues to be the most critical ( and probably the most accessible ) impediment to the evolution of the species. The American ( and global ) populous remain physiologically corralled by the mock reality the media delivers, which makes any attempt to impart or understand the truth extremely difficult.

The problem is that once you are part of the lie, you are part of the lie. This is why I repeatedly stress the importance of being honest with oneself at all times. It’s not a matter of being caught in the lie, it’s the fact that the lie will catch you. It is inescapable because you have made it part of your reality. As long as you choose to live by that lie that you have accepted, you have to support ( and do ) whatever is necessary to sustain that lie.

This country is up to its neck ( actually well over its head ) in lies, and Obama has unfortunately accepted several of them. It’s a decision he made quite some time ago when he chose stroking the American ego over the truth that his pastor spoke. It’s a decision he made when he went to AIPAC and continued the “Israel has the right to defend herself” company line. It’s a decision he made when he chose to sacrifice our right to privacy for political expediency, and gave immunity to the Telecom industry for Bush / Cheney’s voice and data mining exploits. Accepting these non-realities separates him from understanding and dealing with the source of a great many problems in this country ( and on this planet ) that have existed and persisted since the era of overt slavery and empire. Little of its workings have changed, it is just hidden by this illusion of “democracy.”

This “economic crisis” is proving the reality of this in a variety of ways. Unless Obama is willing to accept the fact that this entire fiasco is the result of a deliberate campaign that has been blatantly evident for over five years, then he will not make a just decision on this corporate bailout – which is actually a creation of false wealth scheme on a scale never conceived of before. It’s not news to anyone with access to any information and the desire to know that the sub-prime mortgage scam targeted minorities approximately 73%, to 17% whites. It was intended from the beginning that these people default on their loans so that the foreclosures could gather up the property, and the people would have to go elsewhere… Or more to the point, disappear. Not much different than what is continually occurring in the aftermath of Katrina – three years later. It’s called gentrification, and there is plenty of evidence to support what I just said – if you care to look it up.

For five years this has gone on and not the president, not congress, not Wall Street, not the media, no one ( with the notable exception of Eliot Spitzer ) made any effort to save these people who had been swindled out of whatever money they had, as well as their homes. Once again all this government and the media offered was condescension; blaming these people ( for digging their own holes ) by taking loans they couldn’t afford. They are still trying to sell that revolting deflection and I’m sure you heard it at least once today ( from mainstream media ). However, as Ms. Warren [Harvard Law School professor and bankruptcy expert,] said:

“If we had 1.2 million people whose toasters had exploded this year, we would not be saying they should have checked the wiring more closely before they bought those things,”.

These criminal organizations knew exactly what they were doing, and it was exactly what they intended…

Meanwhile, they were getting extraordinarily wealthy on all of this imaginary money they were creating – reselling these useless mortgages to each other over and over, and if the economy wasn’t such an abysmal failure from all other aspects as well ( plummeting housing costs, skyrocketing unemployment, two overt wars, and God knows how many covert ones, etc, etc. ), they would probably still be getting away with it.

This didn’t happen in a vacuum. During the eight years of the dismantling of what used to pass for a government regulatory system, every day the media had the opportunity ( and the responsibility ) to investigate and inform the American people about what was happening. Instead of the “go team, go shopping” propaganda they provided along with an occasional “the economy is strong” sound byte, they could have been educating the populous ( and themselves ) about the growing and impending predicament. As usual ( and unfortunately ) they chose ( or were directed ) to focus on anything and everything but the crimes that were being committed against the American people – and the world.

As a solution to the “problem” ( of the game becoming visible ) the Government division of the Corporation intends to print up ( whether the “taxpayers” want them to or not ) a trillion dollars to cover what they tried to extort from the homeowner, and legitimize moving the ownership of the land back to the Government. The cleanest money and land laundering operation imaginable… Cleansed by the Federal Reserve itself…

“If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker could go down.” George Bush.

To add insult to grand-theft-country, Bush tells you that if you don’t let them take the trillion dollars, in order to keep their lifestyles and your land, that somehow your credit cards won’t work, you won’t be able to get a loan, you won’t be able to buy food, and the sun won’t come up anymore.

Don’t forget that your children’s children will foot the bill. Assuming this imaginary monetary system lasts that long.

This demonstrates why they don’t educate people ( or at least provide them the tools to educate themselves ) in this country. If people were educated ( even self-educated ), they would know how royally they are being screwed every instant of their existence, and by whom. It would seem to me if a taxpayer’s money should go anywhere, it should go towards schooling their children or improving broadband coverage ( 16th in the world ), yet somehow we all end up owing the government for the rest of our lives for the brainwashing that substitutes for education and information.

So unless Obama ( or anyone else ) is willing to accept the reality of the con, he will not be able to address this debacle honestly. He will be lured into supporting whatever the corporation wants him to be lured into. As will McCain. As will the people of this country and the world. Unless someone decides to speak the truth, of course….

Accepting the fallacy that media creates puts him ( or anyone ) in the position of constantly having to make decisions and statements that are not based on reality at all. It’s Kang and Kodos. The choices are fabricated by the myth makers and they win no matter what you choose. You can’t win if you play in their reality. They make the rules, and believe me it’s fixed. If you don’t exist outside of it, you are slave to it by definition.

Mind you – aside from all of this – there is no question who I will be voting for. None of the realities I have come to know about this world were easy to accept ( although in time, they become as comfortable as the lie you live in now ), and I can’t necessarily expect him to see what I see. Beyond any shadow of any doubt he is infinitely closer to understanding and accepting the truth than McCain or Palin could hope to be, and I’m really trying to avoid watching the world ( or at least Man’s time here ) come to an end.

I’ll tell you what I would offer as a solution to this dilemma, but bear in mind, I’m outside of the game and my priorities are very different… From where I’m standing, every single life is important and intended by the Creator, and should be nurtured, encouraged, and supplied with whatever is required to reach their highest potential. To do so benefits all life, accelerates the evolution of the species, and is our duty as co-inhabitants of this world.

So since ( apparently ) we have a trillion dollars we can spend in a week, here’s what I suggest. First I would undo the crime committed against these poor, manipulated, and discarded people, and I would give them back their homes as well as apologize for what their “elected” government allowed to happen to them. If the government can even suggest giving a pass to these criminal lenders and letting the properties “sit” until their value returns, there’s no reason the people can’t ( and shouldn’t ) be in them during that time. With any luck, they can begin building equity again, and earn the “right” to keep their house. No money need change hands, and the banks will have to figure out a way to take the locks and foreclosure signs off of the houses without having to make money on it. They’ve lived off of the masses for centuries long enough. Let them sacrifice for what they created for a change.

In theory, 30 billion a year, would put an end to world hunger. “As you treat the least of Me,” and if one of us is hungry, we all are. Hunger is the most painful and most avoidable plague on this planet. Let’s be generous and put five years worth aside, so we don’t have to think about it for a minute. In five years, the other expenditures would be having an impact anyway.

Bush vetoed 7 billion dollars to provide healthcare to children in this country, yet finds it acceptable to spend 700 billion bailing out foreign and domestic banks. I would allocate 100 billion to develop and implement a global health system ( in conjunction with any and all foreign governments ) that would ensure ( real ) healthcare to all people of this planet. Regardless of where, when, and why… As you treat the least of Me.

Bush vetoed 4.5 billion for education, while making more speeches about fiscal responsibility. I would allocate 100 billion towards ensuring an education ( in reality ) for every man woman and child on this planet. The cumulative knowledge and opportunity in the world would almost instantly increase exponentially, and the possibilities would become limitless.

Finally, I would spend 100 billion dollars to develop a global initiative intended to move the world ( as a whole ) off of fossil fuels, and onto geocentric solutions. All restrictions ( such as Bush’s moratorium of solar development – due to insufficient environmental studies ) would be removed, and incentives to participate would be exciting and abundant. The abuse of this planet and her people for the benefit of the resource monopoly must come to an abrupt halt – one way or the other.

The remaining 550 billion can wait for five years, and we can see where we are. One thing you could be certain of however. This would be a much happier, healthier, more productive, and more peaceful planet… and we would be well on our way to an actual civilization.

If ( as we can plainly see ) producing sums of this scale are no problem for this country, then there is no longer any excuse to allow ( cause ) the continued suffering of the species and this planet. No longer can we accept the lie that there is no money for food, education, geocentric energy, etc, but there are always trillions available for the whims of those that have brought us to the precipice. It’s time to make it clear to the mainstream media and myth-makers that we see through the con, and will not tolerate the diversion anymore.

~ by Bill Noxid on September 26, 2008.

One Response to “The Happening…”

  1. I feel as though I were reading my own mind, you join the dots as I have been doing for many years. Unfortunately I cannot believe the masses will get it in time with so many distractions. Maybe when their environment becomes so degraded that living is unbearable (not too far away), will they actually be motivated to fight back with enough strength but will be too weak and disorganised once conditions have worsened. The lies are so profoundly unethical/immoral that to be exposed would be worse than death because those in power have also habituated their illusion until they actually believe they are superior and deserve what they have. This will probably mean that they would rather go down to the wire and die trying to save their stupendous lie of an existence, taking everyone else with them in the process. Peace unto you fellow seeker of truth, Ben

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