The End of the Myths

It took a particularly long time to find any hint of reality on television yesterday. I decided that I wasn’t interested in watching the still complicit media and criminally culpable government pretend to morn the deaths of September 11, so my options were even more limited than usual. All of the cable networks were obviously covering themselves ( MSNBC even went as far as to cover itself covering itself minute by minute seven years ago ) and CSPAN was at the Pentagon. What fantastic choices… a seven year ditch or a false-flag memorial park. Therefore, unless I felt like tracking Ike, CNBC financial was my only remaining option.

To my surprise however, CNBC turned out to be a reasonably good choice. Not that the unfortunate masses of this country would know about anything other than lipstick and pigs but this imaginary economy is collapsing like the house of cards that it is, and they were actually talking about it for a change. I suspect after eight years of blowing smoke up each other’s behinds about how great the economy is, they’ve run out of ways to convince themselves this isn’t really happening. Even Jim Cramer, when asked by Erin Burnett if we were really at risk of Great Depression II, gave a very enthusiastic full body nod in the affirmative…

Obviously, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone anyway. It’s been developing for quite a long time. Eight years of stealing your children’s futures to pay for killing someone else’s children while you allow your own ability to produce anything to be shuttled off to the next generation corporate slave countries, does not make for a healthy economy. If you didn’t care so much about flag pins, ceiling cracks, and pastors, you might have noticed. Not that they are helping you understand anything – considering they control all major media outlets and political parties, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Their only intent is to feed your ego and keep you stupid, so ( as you can plainly see ) you don’t even notice when they are taking your lives and livelihood.

To be perfectly honest, it’s even hard for me to believe how much damage ( or how much success – depending on how you look at it ) they fashioned in a mere eight years… and I saw it coming a decade before that. They took virtually all of your rights, all of your future, all of your money, all of your health, all of your respect, and all of your dignity, and yet some of you would still rather hear how great this country is than accept the truth about what is happening and why. It’s the impenetrable American egotism that has led to this abyss and that has led you to be the least educated, most imprisoned, least healthy, most destructive, least honest, most hated populous and culture in the history of the world… and that is no small feat on this planet.

Believe it or not, I used to accept the myth they disseminate in this country ( and force on the rest of the world ) too. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is everything they taught you was cover story for the criminal and diabolical enterprises you know as finance and government. As you should be able to discern from the hundreds of billions of dollars in “write-downs” ( lost, stolen, and imaginary value ) and the hundreds of billions of dollars in bail-outs ( tax-slaves having no say in giving them back the money they have already stolen in order to perpetuate the illusion of an economy ), criminal enterprise is exactly what it is.

If it’s any consolation, we are hardly alone. All of us on this planet are in the same predicament. The corporation purchased all of our governments a long time ago, and that should be obvious to everyone – by now. Think for a moment… When is the last time you saw a government take genuine action on behalf of its people that it couldn’t reap ludicrous power and profit from? The only ( theoretical ) purpose of government is to tend to the needs and advancement of its people, but find yourself discarded by the corporation or get swindled out of your house by the mortgage syndicate and you’ll find out very quickly what assistance the government won’t have for you, and who’s side they are actually on. They are quick to bail each other out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars of your money, but if you are in need of a couple of bucks after a hurricane – you’re out of luck.

Go to and take a look at the latest hearing on the wonderful new Medicaid system they have developed for you, if you need another example. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. You can expect to quite literally die on the phone trying to get help from a system specifically designed to ensure that you don’t get the help. You, your children, and your children’s children pay before they are even born for every crime and scam they perpetrate on the masses, and all you’ll receive in return is speeches about flags, forefathers, patriotism, and your bootstraps…

Yet in spite of all of this empirical and inescapable every day evidence, there are those that still cling ( yes, that right… I said cling ) to the shallow mythologies that justify their continued denial of their own behavior, and the enslavement and molestation of the peoples and lands of this world… all while claiming to know and serve God.

A key component of the intentionally missed message of Reverend Wright was that:

“To say “I am a Christian” is not enough. Why? Because the Christianity of the slaveholder is not the Christianity of the slave. The God to whom the slaveholders pray as they ride on the decks of the slave ship is not the God to whom the enslaved are praying as they ride beneath the decks on that slave ship.”

No true follower of God could make a distinction on something as primitive as shade of skin, and call one Son and one Not, yet you have built an entire society and global economy on exactly that belief. It is the only way such a shallow mind could justify the atrocities you commit and condone against your own kind on this planet. You claim to understand the reality that God knows your every thought and action, yet you think what you think, and you do what you do.

Worst above all things, you still think you’re the highest and only form of intelligence created by God. Your arrogance is only matched by your stupidity. It doesn’t phase you one bit that in order to create a world small enough for you to be king, you have to negate hundreds of billions of years of reality and civilization on this planet alone, just so you can believe you walked with your pet dinosaurs in fig leaves like Fred and Wilma – before there were people of color… By far, the funniest myth of all.

But before you get too offended ( I know, far too late for that ), bear in mind that I am one of you ( sort of ), and I am on your side. The side of Mankind, that is. Coming to this awareness about my own country, planet, and species was no comfortable journey for me either, but it is necessary to understand in order to evolve. The alternative of living a lie and serving the corporations that purposefully suppress and poison the true nature of this glorious planet and all of its inhabitants was just not mentally, physically, or spiritually an option for me anymore.

Believe me when I tell you… It’s not an option for you anymore either. The Universe is watching and you cannot afford to wait one more second to face the truth. It is imperative that you become the stewards and contributors to the Universal Consciousness that you are designed to be, before you face the threat of the end of your time on Earth.

This writing is also posted on Information Clearing House: The End of the Myths

~ by Bill Noxid on September 13, 2008.

One Response to “The End of the Myths”

  1. Unfortunately, most people do not wish to take responsibility for their own actions, or should I say inaction.

    They are taking part in the greatest stage show ever created, called “Life” and are content with being a ‘bit’ player.
    They want to be led and told what to do, that’s the easy way out, what they don’t realise is how they ‘think’ affects those around them.
    For most, the big corporations, media etc have taught them how to ‘not think’, and that’s exactly is what most people do.
    It is articles like this that point people in the right direction.
    “The Truth will set you Free”, but first you will get angry !!

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