Proxy Wars

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  The last seven years of this administration have created and exposed so many global problems that it is virtually impossible to keep track.  The mainstream media is still demonstrating complicity by not reporting the truth of the horrific violence we are witnessing all over the world, and it’s very easy for critical events to escape our notice.

The primary reason for this of course is our global preoccupation with Iraq.  For most of the world, this is the central point of focus.  The ongoing atrocities, continuous stream of deceptions, and endless efforts to stop the madness can be all consuming and leave little time for other issues.  The magnitude of this problem eclipses the Sun, and it can be difficult to notice anything else.

However, nothing in this society is actually what it seems.  What we see occur on this planet on a daily basis are merely the symptoms of a problem and not the problem itself.  Our diligent efforts to ease the numerous sufferings of the world are essentially topical, and never address the root of the disease.  Our desperate attempts to end the pain only last as long as the Band-Aid stays on, or the meal stays in the belly.

The same is true about how we address the problem of Iraq.  While most have primarily focused on ending that particular conflict, it too is just a symptom. The disease that caused it however has since metastasized and now infects a large portion of the planet.  Open war, starvation, and genocide are raging in Darfur, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc…  And there aren’t enough Band-Aids in the box.

Understand this very clearly.  We do not live in a Civilization, just the illusion of one.  An illusion created by those who wish to enslave your mind, body, and soul.  An illusion created to prevent you from seeing the chains around your ankles, the bag over your head, or the gag-ball in your mouth.  The intent of the creators of this illusion is now and always has been the domination of mankind through fear and death.

Because of the totality of the illusion, it’s very difficult and painful to find reality.  Layers upon layers of illusion must be removed to find the source of any one event or problem.  Mankind has existed in this illusion for so very long that it is actually all he knows, and removing the illusion is like removing his skin.  The truth is very painful for him, and as a result he avoids it at all costs.

However, due to the complexity and dominance of the illusion and its creators, truth has rarely gotten to the masses anyway.  Seemingly infinite control measures – “vetting” I suppose – prevent any reality from escaping its confines, and generally what we are left with is what the image makers tell us.  The internet is obviously changing that, and more and more glimpses of reality are finding their way to the rest of the world.

A friend of mine recently provided another such example.  Mainstream media has understandably spent very little time on the growing crisis in Lebanon.  The most they’ve been willing to reveal is that a group of (apparently quite heavily) armed men robbed a bank and fled into the Palestinian refugee camp Narh al-Bared. Since then, we have witnessed something akin to ten days of war.

This past week we have been treated to the footage of American C-130s delivering munitions and armaments to the Lebanese army in an overt demonstration of unity in the struggle against the “terrorists”.  As usual, the only explanation we get for their existence are one-word answers like “Al-Qaeda” and “Syria”, and the masses are supposed to – as George Bush says – “Go about your business.”

This is of course another illusion and nowhere in these “news reports” do they explain a variety of critical factors.  How could these mere “bank robbers” be so heavily armed?  How could they possibly have existed for any period of time in such numbers and force without the knowledge of the government?  How could it be that part of the rush shipments was for urgently needed night-vision goggles that Fatah al-Islam had but the army didn’t?

However, one anonymous email sent from an individual inside the camp explains these things in great detail.  This same email has now been posted in an article by Dr Franklin Lamb  (link below).  It explains quite clearly who is responsible for the creation of this heavily armed militia and who they serve, and rest assured – it isn’t Syria.  The following is a compilation of that information.

Fatah-al-Islam (in reality) is a creation of the “Welch Club”. This club is named for its godfather David Welch – the current assistant to the Secretary of State Condolezza Rice.  He is the “point man” for the Bush administration and is guided by Eliot Abrams.  Key Lebanese members of the Welch Club (aka: the “Club”) include:

  • The Lebanese civil war veteran, warlord, feudalist and mercurial Walid Jumblatt of the Druze party (the Progressive Socialist Party or PSP)
  • The extremist Phalange party and its Lebanese Forces (LF) – The group that conducted the Israel organized massacre at Sabra-Shatilla (although led by Elie Hobeika, once Geagea’s mentor, Geagea did not take part in the Sept. 1982 slaughter of 1,700 Palestinian and Lebanese).
  • The billionaire, Saudi Sheikh and Club president Saad Hariri – Leader of the Sunni Future Movement (FM).

Over a year ago Hariri’s Future Movement started setting up Sunni Islamist terrorist cells (the PSP and LF already had their own militia since the civil war and – despite the Taif Accords requiring militia to disarm – they are now rearmed, itching for action, and trying diligently to provoke Hezbollah).

The FM created Sunni Islamist “terrorist” cells were meant to serve as a cover for (anti-Hezbollah) Welch Club projects.  The plan was that actions taken by these cells – of which Fatah el-Islam is one – could be blamed on al Qaeda, or Syria, or anyone but the Club.  To staff the new militias, FM rounded up remnants of previous extremists in the Palestinian Refugee camps that had been subdued, marginalized, and diminished during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. Each fighter got $700 per month, which is not bad in today’s Lebanon.

The first Welch Club funded militia set up by FM is known locally as Jund-al-Sham (Soldiers of Sham – where “Sham” in Arabic denotes Syria, Lebanon, Palestine & Jordan) was created in Ain-el-Hilwa Palestinian refugee camp, near Sidon. This group is also referred to in the Camps as Jund-el-Sitt (Soldiers of the Sitt, where “Sitt” in Sidon, Ain-el-Hilwa and the outskirts pertain to Bahia Hariri, the sister of Rafiq Hariri – aunt of Saad and Member of Parliament).

The second was Fateh-al-Islam (The name cleverly put together, joining “Fateh” as in Palestinian and the word “Islam” as in Qaeda). FM set this Club cell up in Nahr-al-Bared refugee camp north of Tripoli for geographical balance.

Fatah el-Islam had about 400 well paid fighters until three days ago. Today they may have more or fewer – plus volunteers. The leaders were provided with ocean view luxury apartments in Tripoli, where they stored arms and “chilled” when not in Nahr-al-Bared. Guess who owns the apartments?

According to members of both Fatah el-Islam and Jund-al-Sham their groups acted on the directive of the Club president, Saad Hariri.  So what went so terribly wrong? Why the “bank robbery” and the slaughter at Nahr el-Baled?

According to operatives of Fatah el-Islam, the Bush administration got cold feet with people like Seymour Hersh snooping around and the White House post-Iraq discipline in free fall. Moreover, Hezbollah intelligence knew all about the Clubs activities and was in a position to flip the two groups – who were supposed to ignite a Sunni ­Shia civil war, which Hezbollah vows to prevent.

Things started to go very wrong quickly for the Club last week.  FM “stopped” the payroll of Fateh el-Islam’s account at the Hariri family owned bank.

Fateh-al-Islam tried to negotiate “severance pay” at least with no luck, and they felt betrayed. Bear in mind many of their fighters are easily frustrated teenagers, and their pay supports their families. Militia members knocked off the bank which issued their worthless checks. They were doubly angry when they learned FM is claiming in the media a loss much greater than they actually snatched, and that the Club is going to stiff the insurance company to make a huge profit.

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (newly recruited to serve the bidding of the Club and the Future Movement) assaulted the apartments of Fatah-al-Islam in Tripoli. They didn’t have much luck, and were forced to call in the Lebanese army.

Within the hour Fatah-al-Islam retaliated against Lebanese Army posts, checkpoints, and unarmed off-duty Lebanese soldiers in civilian clothing, and committed outrageous killings – including severing at least four heads.

Up to this point Fatah-al-Islam did not retaliate against the Internal Security forces in Tripoli because the ISF is pro-Hariri and some are friends.  Fatah al-Islam also still hoped to get paid by Hariri.  Therefore, Fatah al Islam went after the Army instead.

The Seniora cabinet convened and asked the Lebanese Army to enter the refugee camp to  silence (permanently) Fatah-al-Islam. Since entrance into the Camps is forbidden by the 1969 Arab league agreement, the Army refused after realizing the extent of the conspiracy against it by the Welch Club. The army knows that entering a refugee camp in force will open a front against the Army in all twelve Palestinian refugee camps, and tear the army apart along sectarian cracks.

The army felt set up by the Club’s Internal Security Forces which did not coordinate with the Lebanese Army – as required by Lebanese law – and they did not even make them aware of the “inter-family operation” the ISF carried out against Fatah-al-Islam safe houses in Tripoli.

Today, tensions are high between the Lebanese army and the Welch Club. Some mention the phrase “army coup”.

The Club is trying to run Parliament and is prepared to go all the way not to “lose” Lebanon.  It still holds 70 seats in the house of parliament while the Hezbollah-led opposition holds 58 seats. The Club has a dutiful PM in Fouad Siniora.

The Club tried to seize control of the presidency and when that failed, they marginalized it. Last year they tried to gain control of the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee – which audits the government’s policies, laws, and watch-dogs their actions. When the Club failed to control it they simply abolished the Constitutional Committee. As a result, this key committee no longer exists in Lebanon’s government.

The Welch Club’s major error was when it attempted to influence the Lebanese Army into disarming the Lebanese Resistance led by Hezbollah. When the Army wisely refused, the Club coordinated with the Bush Administration to pressure Israel to dramatically intensify its retaliation (to the capture of the two soldiers by Hezbollah) and to “’break the rules” regarding their historically more limited response.  This led to Israel’s attempted destruction of Hezbollah during the July 2006 war.

The Welch Club now considers the Lebanese Army a serious problem. The Bush administration is trying to undermine and marginalize it to eliminate one of the last two obstacles to implementing Israel’s agenda in Lebanon.  If the army is weakened, it cannot protect over 70% of the Christians in Lebanon – who support General Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement. The F.P.M. is mainly constituted of well educated, middle class, and unarmed Lebanese civilians. The only protection they have is the Lebanese Army – which aids in maintaining their presence on the political scene.  15% of Christians in Lebanon associate with Geagea’s Lebanese Forces – who are purely militia.

If the Club can weaken the Army even more than it already is, then this Phalange minority will be the only relatively strong force on the Christian scene and become the “army” of the Club.  Another reason the Club wants to weaken the Lebanese Army is that the Army is nationalistic, and is a safety valve for Lebanon – to ensure the Palestinian right of return to Palestine, Lebanese nationhood, and the resistance culture led by Hezbollah (with which is has excellent relations).

For their part, the Welch Club wants to keep some Palestinians in Lebanon for cheap labor, ship others to countries willing to take them (and be paid handsomely to do so by American taxpayers), and allow – at most – a few thousand to return to Palestine to settle the ‘right of return’ issue.  This while simultaneously signing a May 17th 1983-type treaty (with Israel) which enriches the Club members and gives Israel Lebanon’s water along with much of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

From the Club’s perspective, Fatah el-Islam must be silenced at all costs. Their tale, if told, is poison for the Club and its sponsors.  Hezbollah is watching and is in support the Lebanese army but has no interest in seeing this conflict develop.  I suspect Hassan Nasrallah will make that point well known.

It is time for this country (and the world) to stop accepting the word “Al-Qaeda” as an explanation for all the violence on this planet, and to look to the real creators of terror.  We cannot allow these politically and economically motivated conflicts to be sold as the “Fight for Freedom” and we must hold the creators responsible for the death and destruction they have unleashed.

Dr. Lamb’s complete text:

Dr. Lamb can be reached at

Franklin Lamb’s recent book, The Price We Pay: A Quarter Century of Israel’s use of American Weapon’s against Lebanon (1978-2006) is available at Hezbollah: A Brief Guide for Beginners is expected in early summer.

Bill Noxid:

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~ by Bill Noxid on May 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Proxy Wars”

  1. Bravo! You are so correct. This administration has been trained by expert political magicians to make headlines of the inane while critical events go unnoticed. I also agree that the short attention span of western civilization promotes treating only symptoms because there is no more brain left to address the cause of problems. Western civilization is so over medicated that anything beyond the immediate is cause for another drink or pill because we don’t want to deal with reality.

  2. I like the idea that internet is changing the monopoly PR and media companies have over people’s brains. The fact that the distribution of information is restricted to a certain privaliged has been gradually losing ground.

    The irony is that the internet was created to fortify the war machine it ended up helping exposing it.

  3. Bill, So people who QUESTION Sept 11 are traitors? I have some news for you.

    I developed a long page of quotes, unfinished work in progress, about all the top US officials (behind the scenes) who stated in writing they WANTED a 9-11 catastrophic event to happen — before it did. A bloodbath on American soil was NEEDED. Now, some of them are TV pundits saying we need a NEW 9-11.
    I present this only for edification.

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