“It’s about US.” July 14, 2006

Attention to the subliminal.

I thought long and hard about watching the Macy’s fireworks display.  It’s interesting how my relationship to the “fireworks” has evolved over the years… Particularly the last six.

Long ago ( when I was a Corpie ) the fireworks used to be an event.  There were weeks of preparation and several mini-events during the week and day that would culminate in the fireworks from some interesting or elite location.

That was a long time ago and I was very young.  I was fully involved in the Corporation and by design had very little time for anything other than slogans of “loyalty” and “unity”.  Like all Americans I was working so hard for the American Dream that for a time, albeit short, there was no hunt for truth in my equation.

Needless to say, that is no longer the case and it’s not possible for me to blindly celebrate our “ Independence”.  I am of course still an American and have as much chance of changing that fact as I do of changing the fact that I am Black… Mind you, I wouldn’t change either if I could.

I am under no illusions however and had a very good idea of the propaganda I was going to be subjected to.  The purpose of this celebration after all is to re-infuse mom, apple pie, and Chevrolet in the American psyche in a Time of War.  I expected a mega dose of “patriotism” and it still managed to exceed my expectations.

“It’s about US… and all our hopes and dreams…  and all those crazy schemes that seem perfect in the night.”  These were lyrics from the theme song this year.  I’m not making that up. On one of the barges they had a huge lit up outline of the United States with the letters “US” in it until the end of the song when of course it turned into “USA”.  I’m pretty sure it was written at the Pentagon…

As the camera panned over the glossy eyes and mindless grins of the staged audiences I was reminded of how the assault on the intellect has left the subliminal.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t consider Americans as having an intellect but here they are quite content to say literally “support our crazy schemes”.  Nothing subliminal about it, they might as well put it on a poster.

So as “The War” explodes on two more fronts this week and threatens two more, remember it’s about US and all those crazy schemes that somehow seem perfect in the night…  Because surely, it is…


~ by Bill Noxid on April 18, 2007.

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