Guest-Slave program… March 27, 2006

I’m constantly amazed by how the blatantly obvious is overlooked in this society.  I know the reasoning is that everyone is so disconnected and bamboozled by this double-speak culture that it’s virtually impossible to tell up from down, but this latest assault on immigration is just too insulting to believe.

What I find particularly stunning about this conflict is the TOTAL lack of a “liberal” or even humanistic perspective. The two apparent camps on the subject are the “Dark” and the “Even Darker.”

Half a million people ( if you believe any of the numbers we get these days ) turned out to protest Sensenbrenner’s psychotic bill making illegal immigration ( and any act to assist them in their life ) a felony.  Without discussing how entirely offensive that is, let me point out the other camp.

I had dearly hoped I would not hear the phrase “Guest-worker program” ever again but alas, here we go.  Once again this simu-president is jogging around the company ( oops, I meant country I think ) touting his plan to “allow people to enter the country to do jobs that Americans won’t do.”  They would be “allowed” to stay in this country to work and then have to leave.

What boggles the mind is that Bush’s approach is actually ( I swear I heard it several times this weekend ) being presented as “a more liberal” approach.  Funny, I don’t consider importing people to do the grunt work of your society, paying them pennies, letting them live in squalor, and then kicking them out of the country when you’re done with them a liberal perspective AT ALL.  This is a guest-slave program if I ever heard of one.

So where is the liberal voice?  Where is the congressman that reminds these people that EVERYONE is an immigrant to this country?  Where is the congresswoman who points out that immigrants raise their children and clean their homes and build their pretty houses and mow their pretty lawns?  Nowhere…

The answer is obvious. There is only one way to get their attention at this point.  Since this country is clearly unwilling to recognize it’s dependence on the slave-class of this society, it is time for them to stop serving.  I lived in L.A. for three years and I’m fully aware of who and how that city runs.  I promise you this:  If the “immigrants” stop serving for just a week, the rich white man who is so afraid of illegal immigration would find himself living in an overgrown jungle with stacks of dishes, garbage, diapers, and no food.  I’m so very tired of these feeble right wing arguments of how immigration is such a drain on the system while negating who actually prepares and serves their food. If immigration is such a problem, stop needing so many slaves to run your gluttonous society.


~ by Bill Noxid on April 18, 2007.

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