Cease Fire?… August 01, 2006

Well, it didn’t take long for Israel to demonstrate the value they place on “agreements.”  The forty-eight hour ceasefire didn’t last twelve and ended with another air strike on the Lebanese military ( killing a General’s aid and wounding three soldiers ).  The standard “oops, we’re sorry” was the only response from Israel.  There has been no pause in the ground campaign and currently all villages along the Lebanese border are being systematically leveled.

This is not the first time the Lebanese military forces have been hit of course.  In the first round of bombings when Israel was destroying the airport, roads, bridges, power, and ports, they made sure that they also destroyed the Lebanese military division responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure.

There is no “real-world” comparison for such action.  The closest I can come to at the moment is if during the Cold War, the former Soviet Union bombed three quarters of the United States ( including several military installations ) in a campaign to rid the United States of Neo-Nazis and the Klan…  and then offered a “cessation of hostilities” only if we agreed to “disarm” these groups and allow an “international force” to occupy this country to prevent the rise of “hatred” again.  Is there anyone in any country that would accept such conditions?  How can anyone possibly expect the Lebanese people to?

Repeatedly we are told Israel has a right to “defend” herself.  Do not the Lebanese have the same right?  Repeatedly we are told it was the attack on the Israeli military that “started” this slaughter.  What retribution is owed in response to these “unprovoked” attacks against the Lebanese military?  How can it be that rockets filled with BBs are “offense” and Scorched Earth Policy is defense?

There are less than six hours left of the “cease fire” agreement and Israel has used that time to “soften-up” and prepare the area for its’ incursion. The Israeli invasion forced is massed at the border and Israel has already stated that it will “resume” bombing at the end of the “cease-fire” period…  We all know what comes next.  Let’s see how long the re-occupation of Lebanon and forced relocation of it’s citizens ( something one would think Israel would be sensitive to ) can be sold as “defense”.


~ by Bill Noxid on April 18, 2007.

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