Back to the Stone Age… July 24, 2006

I hadn’t planned on writing about this yet for a couple of reasons. First of all ( since we are only two weeks into the New Fresh Hell in the Middle East ) the atrocities, offenses, and insults stack up so very quickly that it’s difficult to keep a thought long enough to write it down before a new horror takes its place. Second, I had hoped ( in my apparent naiveté ) that the World would have put a stop to this by now. I had hoped I would be able to write my summary of the war crimes and return to my central focus. Alas, as the World calls for a cease fire King George is granting Israel “another week or two” to erase the progress the Lebanese people had achieved during their brief period at “peace”. As exemplified by the infamous words of Donald Rumsfeld before the Iraq war (“Could take six days, six weeks, I doubt six months.”), a week or two can be a very long time. In that event, I might as well start writing now… Let’s start by clearing a couple of things up. The propaganda campaign is staggering. If nothing else, this administration is developing an incredible mastery of the blunt weapon of nonsense. It seems to me they used to use one or two other approaches but at this stage of the game, it’s just a big club of the ridiculous. If you watch the Global Corporate Media for a while your brain is likely to turn to tapioca, and you’ll be babbling the same three sentences you heard twenty or thirty times a day. Fortunately, I am immune to such low-level programming… although that doesn’t make it any less exhausting to watch. Let’s start with George’s mantra for the week… “Hezbollah started this when they took those two soldiers”. All week long the American psyche has been exposed to that sound byte as if all things in the Universe originated last week. Repeatedly we are told of the “unprovoked” actions of Hezbollah, and that Israel has “Every right to defend herself”. Even Hillary had the nerve to dribble the republican talking points at a pro Israel “demonstration” in New York. I don’t know why I’m not used to it by now… Whatever she sold out for, she did it a long time ago.

There’s so much nonsense in those few canned sentences it boggles the mind. For starters, those of us who were alive and actually conscious in 1982 ( clearly excluding George ) know exactly how Hezbollah became “involved” in this conflict. I was seventeen at the time, and quite clearly remember the horror of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. The creation of Hezbollah was a direct result of that action and they have been a force in Lebanon ever since.

Of course this fact doesn’t exist in the Bush Matrix so instead of any form of realty, George belches out this Israeli retread version of “They hate our Freedom” in between buttered rolls and back massages. We Americans of course are simply supposed to accept the crumbs that fall from his gaping orifice, and are quite likely to be charged an exorbitant fee for the privilege.

Second of all, this particular incarnation of the conflict began ( at least openly ) with the staged assassination of Rafik Hariri, and the fabricated “Cedar Revolution”( which incidentally got it’s name from the US State Department ). This operation was in the planning stages for much longer of course… As far back as the Israeli pullout from Lebanon at least.

Ten minutes after the assassination of Hariri ( killed by military grade explosives equivalent to 1000 kg of TNT ) the United States and Israel accused and convicted Syria of the assassination as the propaganda campaign began to ramp up. It was quite clear at that point that the attempt was to remove the Syrian forces from Lebanon in preparation for this current action.

The subsequent “Cedar Revolution” was very feeble attempt to emulate and capitalize on the success of the “Orange Revolution” only a month or so before. It was somewhat embarrassing to watch the minute gatherings they staged for these media events but ( apparently ) it served it’s purpose. When Syria bowed to the pressure from multiple fabrications and accusations and left Lebanon, the die was cast. Lebanon was left with no outside defense, yet another leader installed by the United States, and no national military to speak of. The preparations for the invasion of Lebanon were complete, and only awaited an excuse to do so.

So here we are… Last week when asked why the United States has waited so very long to get involved in this crisis, Condelezza Rice said “She could have shuttled to the region but she wasn’t sure what the point would be”. If you were talking to an actual human being the “point” would be pretty obvious… Three-hundred and seventy dead Lebanese civilians and god knows how many injured. Since it’s comming fom an extention of the Bush machine however, the answer is a half-hearted attempt at convincing us that it would be too much effort for her as the Secretary of State to take the trip without some guaranteed result beforehand. Long ago I seem to remember a time when getting a result was the purpose of taking the trip in the exercise of Diplomacy, but that was before the looking glass broke.

The real reason of course is that this is a joint US-Israeli operation. The United States won’t get involved to stop it, because they have no intention of stopping it. All efforts by the U.N. and the international community have been delayed, blocked, or vetoed by the United States alone. This is a very clear and unfortunate example of just how much inordinate power the United States has at this point in history, and we know all too well what the intent of this administration is… The Long War… It will probably only take the death of a few Americans citizens ( and lord knows we’ve left enough of them there ) for us to be militarily involved in another front on the “War on Terror”…

So as we have created yet another place where United States government representatives have to show up for “surprise” visits for fear of being killed, know that it is according to plan. When you question how it can be that the United Stated can’t get it’s citizens out of Lebanon, but can get a rush order of bombs to Israel, remember what the priorities of this administration are. As we watch Hezbollah lob firecrackers over the border and Israel respond by dropping U.S. phosphorous weapons on the children of Lebanon, see if you can continue to believe that Israel is just defending herself.


~ by Bill Noxid on April 18, 2007.

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