Another Noose… March 01, 2006

This morning I was up a little earlier than normal. Normal for me mind you is about 5:00am.  I caught the last hour of “The Black Experience” on Air America Radio.  I’ve heard parts of the show from time to time, but since it’s on during the four hours that I actually sleep, I never really get to hear it.

The topic was a NY Firefighter who has experienced a variety of racial incidents in the FDNY, which culminated in a noose being left on his equipment last year.  If you have a memory like I do for such things, you might remember the one or two mentions of the incident in local media.

The question posed by the host to callers was “Have you ever experienced discrimination in the work place.”  To me, the question is just ludicrous and I swear if it wasn’t being posed by a Black Man, I would have been offended by the stupidity.  If you are anything other than a white male, you’re only possible excuse for not experiencing discrimination in the workplace would be being to dumb to notice it.  Why does he think he’s on at 4:00am?  I would have thought this was pretty clear by now.

Am I to believe yet again that this is a few bad apples making arguably the most offensive gesture possible to a Black Man?  To do so would make me a fool.  This is another in a long and increasingly overt line of examples of the “belief system” at the core of our “civilized” society.  The Corporation is merely the “natural” progression of the Plantation or the Railroads… And the Government is the largest Corporation of all.

So this morning while we see floods of new reports of Black people being systematically prevented from moving back to New Orleans in this most recent and glaring example of institutional gentrification, you tell me…  What runs this Country?


~ by Bill Noxid on April 18, 2007.

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